Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


12. Chapter 8

I did some thinking. What if he didn't like me when he got out? What if it all just was some kind of joke? Then my door opened and I saw my boss, "we have a new prisoner Smith... Her name is Francesca Olson and here's her file.. You'll be the one to check up on her... She's right next to McCann.. Read this and then visit her.." "Yes sir" I smiled and grabbed the papers. I closed the door and sat down at my desk, "this cannot be her.. Please let it be someone else..." I opened the file and saw her mugshot. It was my ex best friend Francesca, from high school. I read everything and went to see her. Apparently she had shot somebody and stabbed her boyfriend with a knife, so he ended up dead. She was locked up. She had handcuffs and leg irons on. When she saw me, she just stared at me. She didn't feel guilt at all. She had a heart of ice. "Francesca Olson.. I'll be the one to check up on you and talk to you.. I'm Cameron" I smiled calmly. "Well well well... You ended up here? Seriously? You could get anything you wanted and you chose this place?" she snapped. I nodded, "yeah I did.. It's nice here.. You'll get to experience that.." She looked annoyed at me, "so you're like the only cop I'll ever see while I'm in here?" I looked at her, "yeah.. But I don't know if I'll retire before you get out.. I don't know when you'll get out.. I'm sorry.." "Okay now just walk away Cameron" she exclaimed annoyed, "you're annoying.." "I know" I winked and was about to walk away I heard Justin call. Smiling I went to his cell, "what's up?" "Who's that new girl?" he asked. "Nothing for you to worry about Bieber" I said. "But she seems cool enough" he winked. "Thank you whoever you are" I heard Francesca shout. "Stay away from her Bieber" I warned, "I'm the one to make the rules and you're the one to follow them.." "Badass cop much?" he smiled, "I'm the one to make the rules and that makes you the one to follow them Smith.." I raised an eyebrow, "watch out Bieber.. You know what I can do right?" "Sure and you know what I can do right?" he teased. "You can't do much from in there. Can you?" I smiled teasingly. He looked seriously at me, "not really.. But when I get out.. Then you'd be the one to obey me Smith.." "You keep dreaming" I smiled, "but promise me to stay away from her." "Got it ma'am" he said smirking. "I didn't know Jason McCann could be polite" I smiled provokingly. "I can but I promised myself that it wasn't worth it so I just stopped" he shrugged. "As you wish Bieber" I smiled, "I gotta go..." "See ya" he smiled and I walked away. "Aye you got a crush on that cop McCann?" I heard Francesca ask. "None of your business Olson" Justin said annoyed. "Okay but she is pretty right?" Francesca teased. "Shut it Olson" Jaden warned. "Uhh you like her too don't you?" Francesca said. "Can you please not argue? You'll just disturb the others who's actually staying quiet" I said sternly. "Why don't you enjoy these two boys fighting each other to get you?" she said provokingly. "No I don't... Now stop it.. All of you" I said looking seriously at her, Justin and Jaden. "Fine" they all said. I smiled and walked away.

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