Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


10. Chapter 7

"I know I'm not supposed to ask but how was your childhood?" "Why are you asking about that?" he raised his voice. I rubbed my face slightly signing, "I just wanna know since you can't stand to talk about any kind of feelings..." "Look bitch I don't want you running around asking me those kind of questions!! You just don't get it" he shouted. "I'll make you talk about it one day.,. If this, us, is going anywhere I have to know more about you.." I smiled a little careful smile. He groaned annoyed, "drop it!! Why are you acting like this... You know what?! I haven't heard anything about you at all!! And then you're asking me to tell you my fucking story.. You can count on that I won't fucking tell you anything before you tell me something!!!" "Calm down Justin... What do you wanna know?" I slightly stroked his arm. He took a step away from me, "I don't know... Your past.." "Okay I was born and raised in Mexico City... So I can speak Spanish... My dad still lives there and my mom died when I was 13... I don't have any siblings... And I've always wanted to be a police officer... So I moved here to follow my dream.. And now I'm living in my dream... I'm single.. Don't have any kids.. And I live in my own apartment a couple of minutes from here... And btw the way I moved here when I was 18.. And now I'm 22" I told him smiling. I told him everything. Everything he had to know. He didn't have to know I actually ran away from my dad. And then moved here. He looked more pleased and calm now, which made me smile. "Well okay..." he scratched his neck, "I'm sorry for freaking out like that... It is not okay for me to treat you like that... I just can't help it..." I stroked his cheek gentle, "I know you can't... But it's fine because I know that you don't mean it.." "You're the only person that doesn't wanna change me" his eyes locked in mine, causing me to go to wonderland. "You too" I looked down, "then what did happen in your past?" "Can you just drop it?" he exclaimed, "sorry.. I just don't wanna talk about it.." Nodding I looked away, "I understand.. But I hope someday you trust me enough to tell me.." "Don't say that I don't trust you, because I do... I just haven't told anyone about my past okay!!" he almost shouted. I grabbed the handcuffs, "turn around..." He shook his head, "I'm sorry... I wish I could treat you normally... And not get angry every time you mention something about me.." I sighed and looked at him, "look Justin... It's okay really... I try to understand you... And I'm getting closer... But I'm never gonna understand you like a 100 percent you know.." Suddenly he pulled me into a hug, "thank you Cameron.." "My pleasure" I smiled as I buried my head into his chest. "Well if the court can use the things I told you I will be out in a year or something right?" "Yeah?" I looked up at him as we pulled away. "Nothing... Then we can see each other without anyone judging us..." he pecked my cheek. Smiling I looked into his eyes, without saying anything. Just admiring his eyes. "Well I'm just gonna give it to him in a bit... We've been in here for a while now.." "Yeah I should probably get out of here.." he cleared his throat and pulled away. ---- "Here's everything he remembers from that night" I handled the papers to my boss. He looked up, "thanks... Plan's changed we can get him out of here in about 10 months from when he has been in court... If we show this to the court.." "Okay when is he going there then?" I asked. He shrugged, "don't know Smith... Look I know you want him out of here... Maybe it's in a month or two or three.." Sighing I looked at him, "okay well I'm glad I could help.." When I was about to go he called me back, "now you have to go tell him the news..." "Seriously?" I groaned. I was tired. I just wanted to get him out of here already. "Go on.." Sighing I made my way to his cell, "McCann..." "Why can't you call me Justin or Bieber I'm gonna be here in forever anyway" he spat. "No you're not actually..." I smiled, "I was send here to tell you that you're going to court in 1-3 months... It's not clear yet.. But then when they see what you told me you're out in 10 months after court.." His eyes light up once again, "you better not be kidding me now!" "I'm not" I giggled. "You have no idea of how happy I am right now" he exclaimed, "you just made my day!" I smiled, "I'm glad I could help you..." It's the best feeling to see him happy and smile like that. "Well I'll see you later Bieber.." "See ya Smith" he smiled. Smiling I went to my office.

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