Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


6. Chapter 6

Then I went to my computer and printed what I wrote about Jaden Johnson and that little piece Justin told me about that day he was arrested, then went to my boss's office and opened the door. Soundproof. "Oh hey Mrs.Bieber.. Look um sir I have these two things for you... The one about Johnson and the other, it's a little piece McCann just told me about the day it happened you know" I smiled nicely looking at both of them. Awkward. "Thank you Smith.. I'll read it when I've got time" he said nodding, appreciating my work. I hoped. I nodded and closed the door. "Smith, Johnson is asking for you... He lives in front of McCann..." I heard David say. I nodded, "thanks.." I went to his cell and looked at Johnson or Jaden.

"Finally you came... I've been waiting for you for a long long time" he stood up smirking, "did it hurt when you fell down from heaven?" "Excuse me?! No offense but that's one of worst lines I've ever heard Johnson... Try again" I giggled looking at him. He thought for a moment, "you're beautiful did you know that?" "What about we try again later? Then you've hopefully found something else to say..." "Okay see ya" he smirked. I heard a chuckle from behind and I turned around to see Justin chuckle at Jaden. That was something you had to deal with when you're working as a cop. Childish people. "McCann please stop laughing" I said sternly. "But look at him Smith" Justin nodded in his direction. "Yeah he is actually pretty handsome" I teased. "Shut up bitch" he shouted. "Don't worry... I was just joking" I whispered before walking away. "Come back" he shouted. "Someone tell that slut to come back here!!!" I knew he didn't mean the names he called me, but it hurt anyway.

"Smith" I heard my boss say. "Yes sir" I went to his office and closed the door behind me because he told me to. "If you could talk once more with with McCann and get him to say some more... He might be free after a year in prison instead of the rest of his life..." "But then I have to make him frustrated or mad.." I pouted. My boss cleared his throat, "it wasn't a question... Do it.." Groaning I left his office and went to find David, so he could give me Justin. "David I need McCann in my office as soon as possible please.." "Again" he asked. I sighed nodding, "yes unfortunately... My boss forced me to do so..." I didn't hope Justin heard that. "Okay see ya in a bit.." David smiled and I went to my office. What the hell was I doing with that kid?

"Unfortunately! I had to come in here again" I heard a voice. Justin's voice. I turned around, "David would you please leave us alone thank you.." David nodded and closed the door. I locked it carefully after. "Look I'm sorry about that one.. I had to say something because I don't want them to notice that I'm happy I get to talk to you.." "But you still said it.. Am I really that much a pain in the ass.. Because then fucking tell me.. Now!" he almost shouted. Wow! "Look I don't know which kinda trouble you've been in as a kid... No confidence or something-" "I was a fucking nerd when I was a kid.. I was tired of people calling me a nerd.. Or bullying me..." "Okay easy I was just gonna tell you some good news!" I said trying to make him calm down. "I'm easy.. Don't you think I'm easy huh?" Wow. I cleared my throat, "well not exactly at the moment but you are as a person..." "You tell me I'm crazy!!? Because everyone's saying that I'm a maniac and that I'm a crazy person... I can't even talk to anyone because I might get fucking angry..." he yelled. "That must've been hard for you.. I'm sorry about that though" I said calmly.

"I'm sorry for freaking out like that" his mood suddenly changed. "It's okay Justin" I smiled. He looked at me, "no it's not okay.." "Yes it is.. Look what I wanted to say is that if you tell me more about that day you know you might only have to be in here in a year instead of the rest of your life.." I explained. "You're kidding right?" his eyes light up. Shaking my head I smiled. "Then I can kiss as much as I'd like in a year?" I laughed, "if that's what you want Bieber.." "Of cause it is..." Wonder if I could get him to talk about it without getting mad. "But then you have to tell me everything..." I looked sternly at him. "Everything? As in everything everything?" he raised an eyebrow. Nodding I turned on my Mac ready to write, "as in everything everything.." Taking a deep breath in he started, "so it all started with..."

"Faster!" I moaned into his neck. All of what he said was on the computer ready to get printed. But Justin's horny side just decided to join us. It all started by him asking if he could get off his handcuffs. As soon as he did he went over to me and started kissing me. And that ended up against the wall just as last time. "Damn Cam" he groaned into my neck. My nails drilling into his back as he kept going in and out. Without protection once again.

"Please tell me this is okay" I exclaimed, "I'm so dead if anyone finds out.." "Hey Cameron" he grabbed my wrist, "it is okay.. Well not exactly... And I know you're lying if you tell me it doesn't feel right while we're kissing or whatever we might do..." "It does" I sighed. "But?" "It feels right when I can't see my uniform or your orange coverall... Then it feels right.. And it feels like everything else doesn't matter also.. Either way... It feels like... Like every little thing I'm worried about is gone.." I explained. "Me too.. I um... Really... Like... Um... -we should get ready" he grabbed his coverall and handled me my clothes, which I took on.

"Do you wanna say something?" I asked. I think he was about to tell me that he liked me. "Nothing" he shook his head, "here's the handcuffs.." I grabbed then and put them on the table, "thanks... And I like you too Justin.." He sighed in relief, "I'm sorry but I'm not good at saying that sentence you know..." I stroked his cheek, "I know..." Thank god that was what he was gonna say. If it wasn't it would've been so embarrassing. "I hate this it makes me get goosebumps... Can we talk about something else" he suddenly exclaimed. There's more to his story.

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