Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


4. Chapter 4

"Okay so I just wanna make one thing clear, we're not going to kiss again okay! Never ever.. It'll ruin my career... If anyone finds out I'll get fired maybe get in jail.." "But what if we do it secretly... Nobody will find out.. The room is soundproof right? And there ain't any cameras right?" I nodded, "but I'm so afraid.." "There's no need to be Cameron" he said calmly, "would you please unlock me?" "You won't rape me?" "Of cause not" he chuckled, "but if you don't do it I might.." "Easy there I'll unlock you" I found a key and unlocked him. "I'm easy" he exclaimed. "Now don't get mad I just unlocked you" I defended. "I'm not mad... Don't say that I'm mad" he said raising his voice. I sighed, trying to keep my anger inside, "listen Bieber.. I don't know about you... But I don't have to kiss you... So if you're gonna get all mad then I'll just give you these on and let you into your cell again.." "You're a stupid bitch..." he shouted. "Keep your fucking voice down" I exclaimed.

He let out a provocatively chuckle, "nobody can hear me anyway remember?" "Oh please" I groaned, "how did you even know that?" "Because you've told me? And because it's a basic thing you know.... It's something you have to know when you're a crim-cop" he explained. "Whatever..." I sighed, "I think that's it for tonight..." "No! No it's not" he pushed me up against the wall, few inches between us. "Yes it is Bieber... You have to sleep and so do I" I tried pushing him away but he was way too strong. "Sure" his lips close to mine, "but not now.." "But-" he cut me off by placing his soft lift onto mine in a passionate kiss which didn't do anything but get more and more passionated. His hands unbuttoning my shirt and mine undoing his orange coverall, while our lips had a hot make out session. When he finally was done with my shirt he threw it on the floor along with my pants and his coverall. Dammit what was I doing.

He found my spot on the neck and I found his buddy. We both moaned. "You're so sexy baby" he groaned massaging my breasts and butt. He quickly took off my bra and panties and I his boxers. We were too caught up in the moment to think about protection. With my back against the wall he thrusted inside of me, pleasure shut through me. God it had been a long time since I had done this. "Oh god Justin" I moaned drilling my nails into his skin. "Dammit you're tight Cam" he moaned pretty loud. I didn't have any words. This pleasure was the best in the world. I loved this. "Faster" I almost shouted. He went faster and faster and faster. "Damn" he almost shouted of pleasure. His moans made me wanna fuck him all night. "I-I'm g-gonna cu-um soon baby.." he moaned after some time of going in and out. M-me to-oo" I got to say before we both released.

"See that was good" he smirked as he sat me down. Luckily I had a bathroom in my room. "It was.." He pecked my lips as he sat me down, "see that wasn't that bad.. No one heard us.." "You're right" I sighed, "but this was the first and last time we did this okay! We're never ever doing it again!!" "What?! No it wasn't... If I'm gonna be here for the rest of my life you have to do something!! I'm a man!" he defended. I felt cheep. I felt used. "So you're just doing this to please yourself.. You're only using me!" I asked throwing his coverall at him, when finding my own clothes. "No! I'm not using you!! Believe me... It just came out the wrong way" he exclaimed grabbing my hand. I'd better put these handcuffs on him. Or he was just gonna rape me, if I didn't feel like kissing.

"Bieber go to the bathroom and make yourself look decent" I commanded, which he of cause didn't obey. "You're not my mom-" "Who is it that can go, change the papers.... That's right me... So you'd better get in there..." "What the fuck happened to you?!" he said loudly. I raised an eyebrow, "let's see... First of all I just slept with a prisoner in my office... And second of all, that prisoner just made me feel used and cheep.. So now go and change!!" "I'm so sorry I didn't mean it like that" he begged, grabbing my hand. I pushed him away, "sure you are... I'm sure you do this to every woman right..." "Would you please stop acting like that!!" he shouted, "I did not use you... I acted like that because I wanted you-" "Because you wanted me or because you wanted it? Huh? You know what you have to be careful what you say Bieber... I might be easy to get but don't you ever insult me.." "Stop! Please!" he yelled. Thank you soundproof room.

"Look I didn't use you... I'm so sorry if I said something that sounded like it... Just don't be mad at me.. I know I'm just a prisoner... Just a guy in a orange coverall... Who the police thinks rapes people, kills people and has to stay the rest of his life in jail.." "I think it's best if you leave" I said coldly. "Wait up... We both have to look decent before you do anything okay" he said nicely and pulled me to the bathroom. No one has ever made me feel like that. That was a roller coaster of feelings. First I liked him, now I think he is disgusting, but sweet. I made myself decent and so did Justin. I grabbed the handcuffs, "come here Bieber.." Groaning he walked towards me, "do I have to?" "Yes because you're a prisoner.. And I'm a cop.." I said as I unlocked the door. "A goodbye kiss?" he begged whispering. "You have to earn it... And you haven't exactly been trying..." I said angrily. He can't call me cheep. I really did feel used. I don't know what it is, but I was really sensitive at that point. "I'm sor-" "David he's ready to come back to his cell..." "Yes ma'am.." David smiled. "And please tell him not to shout after me anymore.." I said and pushed Justin towards him. I closed the door and opened a window.

What the fuck had I done? I just had sex with a prisoner. The worst one we'd ever had. He had three moods. The first one was angry and didn't care. The second was sweet. The third was horny. So freaking confusing. "Now back to work" I sighed.

"Morning Smith.." My head shot up, "morning.." I yawned. "Now go home and get ready then you can come back in one hour so McCann won't be asking so much.." he chuckled. I smiled awkwardly, "yeah.." "Well see you Smith.." "See ya sir" I put on a fake smile.

"Smith... McCann now" my boss commanded pointing at me. I sighed, "can't someone else do it? I'm exhausted.." "I know, but he doesn't wanna speak to anyone else..." my boss exclaimed. "Fine!" I opened the door and walked with quick steps to Justin's cell. That asshole. Son of a bitch. "What is so important McCann?!" I asked annoyed. "Justin Bieber is my name!" he shouted annoyed. "I don't remember any Justin.. Look at your coverall... Jason McCann..." He let out a groan, which just reminded me of yesterday. "Oh really? What the fuck happened to you?" "I don't know Jason... Ask yourself... I'm sure you'll figure it out yourself..." I walked away trying my best not to cry. "Answer me..." he yelled after me. I just kept walking.

He was boiling inside, "bitch answer me.." "Talk to him Smith.." my boss commanded, pointing in Jason's direction. No wait Justin's. I looked up sighed and turned around, walking back to his cell, "what do you want?" "I wanted to ask you what the fuck happened to you but I never got an answer" he exclaimed angrily. "I don't know what happened to me? What is different McCann? I'm just doing my job... And please don't ask for me again... I'm really not in the mood for talking to you" I tried my best not to show how much he actually hurt me. I didn't know why but it really hurt me. Maybe because I liked him. Too much.

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