Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


3. Chapter 3

I could ask him about what I wanted to. "So Jason-" "Justin!" "Justin... Um what did you do before all of this?" I asked trying my best not to laugh. This was so stupid. "I went to high school genius" he let out a chuckle. "Where?" "Um in Stratford.." "Interesting..." I sat down, "did you ever had one single thought about killing someone?" "Bitch didn't I tell you I didn't do it... I might seem like it but I didn't do it..." his voice getting louder. "Calm down I'm just asking... No matter if you did or not... I'm just asking" I tried. He shook his head, "not a single thought... Look in high school I was a dick-head okay..." "How come?" "I was a fucking nerd... I spent my fucking time playing video games and homework..." he exclaimed. "How come you ended up here?" I felt him tense up, "I don't know bitch... For some reason you wanted to arrest me..."

"Look I wasn't the one to arrest you okay? I'm just doing my job here okay? Do you think I think this is fun? I hate being yelled at... I hate to see the disappointment in the prisoners eyes every time I tell they can't see their family at Christmas or at birthdays... It hurts... But I don't show it... Because it my job..." I exclaimed. Ups. Too much information. "I'm sorry I can't even tell you this... This is personal... You're just a prisoner.." "Who probably is gonna spend the rest of his life in here... So I don't care anymore" Justin said, "I don't fucking care.. I don't know what is personal or not anymore..." He suddenly stood up and came over to me, "you know you're actually a really attractive woman.. Beautiful as fuck..." "Well thank you but you'd better get back to your cell Bieber" I tried getting away from him. I was afraid that I would be caught in his trap. His little game. "David isn't here" he smiled, "if he was... I would beg him to take the handcuffs off me so I could grab you and kiss you..." I looked down, so he couldn't see my smile, "Bieber it's late you'd better get back to your cell..."

"Cameron" he tried. I looked up and with that his lips hit mine. As he continued I couldn't help but kiss back. It felt so good and right. But then I remembered we were at my work and I was working and he was a prisoner. "We can't do this... I'll get fired" I pulled away. "I know you liked it Smith" he pecked my lips. "You too Bieber.." "Me too" he smirked, "one more?" "No it's wrong... You have to back to your cell..." I said sternly as he came closer to me. "Oh really?" he raised an eyebrow. "Yes really..." He thought for a moment then kissed me again, this time with more passion. This couldn't be happening. I had to admit kissing was his thing. He was really good at it. I pushed him away, "now go to you cell.." He pecked my lips, "the best kiss I've ever had.." I smiled and then looked down getting away from him. Then I opened the door, "David.. Please take McCann to his cell." "Two seconds I'll just have to get my keys.." "I hope we can do it some other time Smith" I heard a whisper close to my ear. "Maybe Bieber" I smiled. Never ever. "Now follow David, McCann.."

"Great to see you again Smith... Jason has been asking like crazy as always... I don't know what it is but you're his favorite and the one he hates the most..." my boss smiled. Yesterday I was off and I was back. With a loose cardigan. "You'll be checking up on them tonight also Smith... But you won't get tomorrow off..." "But sir-" "Smith!" I groaned, "fine.." Then I remembered Jason. No Justin. "And Smith please go and check up on McCann..." "I will sir" I smirked and took on my cardigan, then walked to Justin's cell. "Where the fuck have you been bitch?" Justin spat. "I was off yesterday.... Jason!" I teased. I knew he hated to be called his fake name.

"Don't call me that!! Stupid whore!!" "And don't call me that... Well excuse me I'm going back to my work" I started walking away but he shouted after me, so I turned around, "what?!" "Don't just walk away!" "I'm sorry McCann... But I'm here all day and night so you've got plenty time to talk to me later" I smiled. "Again... Then are you off tomorrow again?!" he exclaimed annoyed. Shaking my head I walked closer to his cell, "nope.. I'm gonna sleep here.." "I'm gonna join you" he whispered. "In your dreams Bieber.." "I have to go now Bieber" I smiled. He smiled, "I know..." "See you" I smiled as I walked to my office, thinking about how hot Justin was.

I knew it was wrong, but seriously he was the hottest prisoner we'd ever had. His brown eyes that could melt tons of ice. His light brown hair softer than the wind. His skin as soft as the summer rain. If I had to honest he was perfect.

As I sat in my chair thinking about him, the door flew open, "Smith you can't sit here doing nothing... Make a rapport for me.. It has to be done in a week...." "Okay sir about what?" I smiled. "The new guy Jaden Johnson.." "Okay sir" I said as I turned on my Mac. "That was all..." he closed the door again. I started writing.

"Have a good night Smith... I'm the last one.." my boss smiled. "Thanks you too..." I looked up from my computer. "Thanks see ya Smith" he closed the door. I yawned as I turned on the tv. "Miss.. Can I do anything for you?" I heard a voice say. I turned my head, "yes please... Can you please get Jason McCann for me... I didn't finish, the last time.." "Sure" he smiled and closed the door. My eyelids slowly slid down. And the next thing I knew was that there was someone shaking me, "Smith.. McCann is here.." "Uh... Thanks David... Now if you please would check up on the others... Maybe take a little break or something.. I'll shout for you when we're done okay" I looked up at him. He nodded, "okay miss... See you.." The door closed and Justin sat down on a chair. I smiled at him and locked the door.

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