Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


26. Chapter 16

I was in court standing beside Justin's lawyer. He wasn't there yet. The door opened and I saw Justin in handcuffs with two police officers making sure he didn't do anything. But he wouldn't. He wouldn't do anything. When he saw me his eyes lit up. I smiled at him.

"So today it's Jason McCann also known as Justin Bieber who's accused of murdering a man by pushing him in front a car."

"Cameron Smith" the judge said, "you've been the one to take care of him and listen to his side of the story." I thought that was the lawyer's job. Oh well. "Yes Your Honor I have" I said politely. "Well would you please tell us what he told you?" the judge asked. "Of course Your Honor" I smiled politely again and went to the chair-thing. "So Jason McCann also known as Justin Bieber have been my prisoner for about a year now and during this year he has told everything about that day. So here's everything he told me..." I told them everything he had told me. "So.. According to him Your Honor it was an accident. Self-defense" I said. I looked at Justin. He looked nervous. "Thank you Cameron Smith" the judge said. I went back beside his lawyer.

"6 months in jail and he'll be released on parole for a year" the judge said and that was how it should be. You couldn't change it. I was gonna miss him. I loved him. I actually loved him. I wasn't gonna see him for 6 months.

Justin went out as the first one with the handcuffs on and the two police officers walking beside him. Then his lawyer and I.

I handed over the papers I had on Justin to Lucas who was gonna take care of him now. I wondered how he was feeling. If his heart was broken as well. I would never find out. You can't ever know if what someone's telling us true or just bullshit. Basically you can never know. They can always lie to you. You'll never know if they're telling the truth. But.

Why would he lie?

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