Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


23. Chapter 14

"So Justin do you really like me and trust me?" I asked him. We had a check-up. He nodded, "I'm comfortable with you yeah." "But do you trust me?" I asked again. I knew he found it hard to trust people. "I guess so" he shrugged, "why?" "Because in a few days you'll have a sentence" I said, "and I won't be the one to take care of you anymore.. You'll be taken to another cell." "What?!" he exclaimed, "no!! Never!!" "Well I'm not the one to make the rules" I sighed, "but if you really like me you'll wait for me.. It might be a year or half a year who knows? But I want you to trust me! Because without trust this will end quickly as we no longer can be together again. And I trust you." "Well I do trust you Cameron and I really do like you!" he said and grabbed my hands, "look I can't let go that easily because I've lost so many people in my life and you're the only one that I'm comfortable with.. Because we've known each other for like a year or so now.. So you ain't getting away from me that easily." I looked into his eyes. He was just playing me, wasn't he? "Me neither Justin" I smiled, "I'll see you soon.. Look tomorrow we'll check up again and that will be the last time we'll see each other before court and then after we won't see each other again before you get out!" "That's unbearable to think about" he looked down. "You've changed so much this past year or a half" I smiled. "I know" he smiled back, "I don't know what happened.. I've never been like this before.. I've always treated girls like shit. I guess you make me a better version of myself!" "You do that to me too Justin" I said and kissed him. I might had fallen in love with him. "Thank you" he mumbled and took some hair behind my ear looking into my eyes. His eyes were shining like Christmas lights. Even though he wasn't smiling his eyes were smiling and looked as happy as can be. Then he cleared his throat and looked away. "What?" I asked. "Nothing" he mumbled, "I just felt something strange." "Does it hurt?" I asked him. He shook his head, "no.. I don't know how to describe it." "It is a good feeling?" I smiled. He nodded, "yeah." "So if I stand like this" I said and got close to him, "and I look into your eyes. And do this." I gently placed my lips on his and then I pulled away still looking into his beautiful, brown eyes. "I can feel it again" he whispered and slowly took some hair behind my ear. "I feel it too Justin" I mumbled. What happened to us? We were like a couple. That wasn't normal. I got kinda scared. I tried to hide it. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing" I mumbled, "I'm just sad that we won't meet for a year.." "Me too" he mumbled too, "but it's gonna be okay. I promise." We both knew that the human being wasn't good at keeping promises. We had both been let down by the people who were basically programmed to love us unconditionally. "Don't promise me anything" I smiled, "we both know that we aren't created to keep promises." "I know" he said, "I'll do my best not to let you down Cameron!" "Me too Justin. Don't get sorry if I run away because I'll probably come back" I mumbled. I would run away. I knew it! I always did. I would always run away at the end. "You don't get scared if I run away okay? Don't think about me if I run away! Because I'm not worth it then" he stated. "I can't promise you anything Justin" I smiled at him. "Me neither" he smiled back. "You should go" I said, "we've been in here for a long time.. I'll see you tomorrow Jus." "See you soon" he pecked my lips and I put the handcuffs on him and when David had taken him to his cell, I sat down at my desk and sighed. "Why can't you commit? Why are you so bad at commitment? Why are you afraid Cameron? Why?" I said to myself, "you're so stupid.. You should've never let him into your life. I'm gonna tell him to let me go! That's it." "No I can't do that" I whispered, "I'm in love with him. I can't let him go!"

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