Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


18. Chapter 12

"Can you please get McCann for me?" I asked smiling at David. He nodded, "of cause ma'am."

"Are you really going away?" Justin asked me and stood up. I nodded, "my grandma is very sick and I have to say hi to her before she dies. I haven't seen her since I ran away-I meant moved here.." "Ran away?" he raised an eyebrow, "you ran away? You haven't told me that!" "I'm sorry I just... I'm embarrassed and I don't want to talk about it" I explained. "Bullshit" he shouted, "did your dad rape you?" "No!" I exclaimed, "of cause he didn't. He was just an asshole." "You're from Texas.. Did you also change your name?" he shouted again. I looked down, "yeah.. Dallas.." "Dallas?" he exclaimed, "was that your name?" I nodded, "yeah.." "Why did you run away?" "Mind your own business" I shouted, "it's none of your business!" "It is actually!" he yelled. "You don't wanna tell me anything about your past" I shouted again, "you can't force me to tell anything!" "Hell yeah I can" he yelled angrily, "why did you run away? Raped by your dad? Dad killed mom? Mom died during birth and dad didn't care? Dad killed someone and didn't tell you-" "shut the fuck up Justin!!" "Did your dad kill someone or not?" he exclaimed. I looked down tears filling my eyes. Justin didn't say anything. I looked up and saw him stare at me. "What's wrong?" I sniffled, "haven't seen someone cry before?" He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. Instead he pulled me into a big bear hug. "I'm sorry" he mumbled. I sobbed into his shoulder. My dad killed someone and didn't tell me. He killed them for money. He wanted to be rich and he also hit my mom and made her tell everybody that it was a door or that she fell. "Know the feeling" he whispered. I smiled about that he finally were opened up. I didn't wanna ruin it so I stayed quiet. "My dad killed my best friend because he had stolen some money from him. He strangled him.. This was after high school" he continued still whispering, "my sister died when I was very little and my dad hit her.. I saw it.. I saw how his big fist hit her small cheek.." That was what I was looking for. I still stayed quiet because then I would just ruin it all. "One day, I shouted at him to make him stop, as the tears were streaming down my cheeks. He screamed at me and then the big fist hit me on purpose and it continued when my sister died. He used me instead" he told me, "my mom ran away.. You already have met her." I started crying because of what he just told me. "Hey it's okay" he stroked my back. "My dad hit my mom too" I mumbled, "he made her tell everybody that she walked into a door or fell.. I wasn't that old when I saw it.. One day she was gone and I didn't get to say goodbye.. She ran away.. He wanted money he wanted to be rich.. He killed someone to get money but he failed to get the money." He hugged me harder and then let go. "I'm sorry" he stroked my cheek, "and that was my past also." "Thanks for telling me and letting me tell you" I sniffled and looked into his eyes. I couldn't fall in love with him. "I really like you Cameron and you taught me to feel something again" he said his voice low. "I really like you too Justin" I said and stroked his cheek gently, "you've taught me to let someone in again." He placed his hands on my neck/cheeks and kissed me. I placed my hands on top of his as he continued. He slowly placed me up against the wall, "do you wanna do this?" I smiled and nodded, "yeah.. Just don't say, just what I needed after.. Deal?" "Deal" he chuckled and kissed me again.

"Thank you for today and I'm sorry about your grandma I hope she gets better" he pecked my lips. "Thank you Justin" I smiled sweetly, "you have no idea of how sweet you are right now." He chuckled and kissed me, "I'm trying to."

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