Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


16. Chapter 11

I sat down at my table and sighed. I ha don idea of what I was gonna do with this guy. When he wasn't angry he was perfect. But I had never seen how he acted in real life. He could be totally different. I hoped so. I also hoped nothing would change. That everything would stay the same. Only him being more polite. I continued on the report on Francesca Olson with all the papers all over my table.

"You're gonna watch them tonight Smith" my boss commanded as we were eating lunch. "Am I?" I asked, kinda begging, "really?" He nodded, "yes... It's been a while. It's your turn." "Then I can finish my report" I smiled a fake smile. "That's the spirit I'm looking for" he chuckled and continued eating his lunch like everybody else. I sighed for myself taking another bite of my sandwich.

I went home to get some stuff and then I went back to work again and continued on my report.

"Smith there's someone who wants to talk with you" David smiled and handed me a phone. "Who is this?" I whispered before placing the phone at my ear. David shrugged, "I don't know miss." "Well thank you David" I smiled. "Who is this?" I asked into the phone. "It's your papa Dallas" I heard a voice. I was speechless. How could he even call me? It was ridiculous. "My name is Cameron Smith papa and how do you dare to call me? And I'm at work" I finally exclaimed. "I'm sorry mi amor" he said. I sighed. I knew he wasn't sorry at all. After I left he had been having a great time. "Don't call me mi amor papa" I exclaimed, "there's a reason I left.. I'm not coming back.." I heard him sigh, "I know and I'm sorry." "Yeah right" I said sarcastically. He stayed quiet. "Why did you call me?" I said my heart cold as ice. I shouldn't let him in again. He hurt me once and he couldn't do it again. "Grandma is sick.. Very sick" he told me. "Is she gonna be okay?" I asked shocked about what he just said. "I don't know" he sighed, "but she's asking for you Cameron." "I wanna talk to her before I'll even think about coming" I said sternly. "No can do.. She's in the hospital" he explained. I sighed, "I really hope you're not joking." "I'm not" he said, "I promise.." "Well um... I'll just talk to my boss" I said, "can you call me later? In an hour?" "Yeah" he said. I hung up and sat down at my desk.

"Excuse me sir" I smiled and opened the door to his office, "I wanna ask you something.." "Go on Smith" he said. I took a deep breath in, "so um.. My dad called and told me that my grandma is very sick and is in the hospital.. I was just wondering if I could go to Texas and visit her.. For two days.." "I don't know. McCann is going to court soon and you have to be there" he said and looked at me, "but if you leave tomorrow and get back by Friday.. It'll be fine." "Okay thank you sir" I smiled grateful at him. "Now you go tell McCann that if he needs help these days he'll have to talk to Peterson" he chuckled. I groaned, "he won't be happy about that." "Now go" he chuckled again.

"So Bieber" I smiled which made him stand up. "What's up?" he asked smiling. "I'm going away for a few days.. So if you need any help or so it's Peterson.. I'll be back by Friday" I explained to him. I really hoped he would take it well. "You serious?" he exclaimed, "I don't even know who that is." "You didn't know me when you got here so be nice" I said sternly, "behave.. I'll be back by Friday... Don't worry.." He groaned, "you're so annoying.. Why are you even going away?" "I'm going to Texas to do some family stuff" I told him. "Okay then" he mumbled, "you promise you'll be back by Friday?" I giggled, "I promise Bieber."

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