Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


15. Chapter 10

"Just what I needed" he mumbled and pecked my lips. He had no idea of what he just said. "That's the reason why you were so sweet to me?" I asked, "you can just be honest next time you know." "No Cameron.. I don't know what happened.. I just felt like telling you those things and being nice to you.. I'm a dick sometimes you know" he said looking at me as he found his coverall. I grabbed my pants and shirt. "Well you are sometimes" I mumbled. "What did you just say?" he said, "did you call me a dick?" "You called yourself a dick.. I agreed on that sometimes you are" I told him as calm as I could. I made him mad again. "Bitch don't call me a dick" he raised his voice. "Don't call me a bitch McCann" I exclaimed, "don't ever do that again!" I didn't want him to call me a bitch anymore. He was a bitch for calling me that. "Don't ever call me McCann again!!" he shouted, "and I've called you a bitch before.. I can do it again." "We'll make a deal.. You won't call me a bitch again and I won't call you McCann again!" I said angrily. He was pissing me off. He had no right to call me a bitch. "No way!" he exclaimed. "You have no right to call me a bitch! It's not nice. It hurts me. And just because you've done it before doesn't make it any less wrong.. You can't call me that!! Get it?" I almost shouted. I was so mad at him. Like really. "Don't tell me what to do!! Bitch I can decide what to do myself because guess what? I'm a grown ass man" he shouted angrily. "You know what? That's it! This.. Us.. Is ending here.. Don't ever talk to me again unless it's police-related" I shouted at him as I took on my clothes. "Fine.. Whatever" he exclaimed, "do what you want." "Great McCann.. As long we are clear" I said. "Don't call me McCann!!" he exclaimed, "it's not my name!!" "Bitch is not my name either" I exclaimed at him. Holy shit he was a pain in the ass. "I know that just as well as you know my name is not McCann!" he shouted, "don't call me that.." "I won't just as long as you do not call me bitch.. It hurts me Justin" I exclaimed and looked at him. I grabbed the handcuffs. "Let's get these on you.." "Wait" he exclaimed, "so you're gonna throw me out and never talk to me again?" I nodded, "that's pretty much what we agreed on doing.. So come on." "I never agreed on that" he said annoyed, "I never agreed on never talking to you again." "You said, fine whatever do what you want, so I took that as if you were agreeing with me" I told him and angrily grabbed one of his hands. "I didn't mean that" he exclaimed, "you know that!" "I find it hard to hear and see the difference between weather you're lying or telling the truth when you are talking to me Bieber" I shouted. I couldn't take it anymore he was treating me like shit. "What happened to you Justin?" I asked calmly, "what happened in your past?" I could see it in his eyes. He was boiling inside. "YOU SHUT THE FU-" I cut him off by kissing him, gently placing my hands on his soft cheeks. "This isn't over" I whispered. He shook his head, "no..." "I got your files.. I can read them.. I can read their side of the story or I can hear yours" I said and gave him the handcuffs on. "Cameron" he said and turned around, "I'm not ready yet.. You have to understand that.." I sighed rubbing my face with my hands, "I know Justin.. I just.. It's really frustrating when you're, no offense, acting like that and I don't know the reason. There must be a reason.. You can't just be born like that. All babies are born normal and every kid grows and turn into individuals.. Some become boring, some become comedians, some become writers, some become musicians.. Look my point is that you were not born this way.. This is not you.. I believe and I actually just experienced your real side.. I believe that someday it'll be the side you show people.. I believe you can be saved from being angry all the time.. It cannot be nice being angry all the time.. No matter the reason.." "Wow that's a whole lot of words" he said, "I got some of it.. I understood every bit.. I just can't concentrate that long." "It was like a minute or something Justin" I said a little annoyed by the fact that he didn't listen, "seriously?!" "I'm sorry Cameron.. But I got the end and thanks.. You're welcome to try but you know.. But I might get a little too angry and I don't want that" he told me honestly. I nodded, "I know.. Let's talk about that later.. Now we have to get you out of here." "Come on Cameron" he said, "you know I'm sorry don't throw me out." "I know" I chuckled, "aw you're so sweet.. But um sweetie we've been in here for an hour or so and you have to get out if we don't want any questions.." "Oh yeah.. Right" he let out a small laugh, "I'll see ya later then.." I pecked his cheek and unlocked the door.

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