Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


29. Chapter 1

He was the worst prisoner we've ever had. He wasn't being easy on us. Especially on me. I was the one to check up on him. Give him food. Talk to him about what happened and so. And to tell him that I couldn't let him go. Every day. "Now you fucking listen carefully..." he yelled, "I'm not a maniac... I'm not crazy.... Okay!! So don't call me crazy..." "I never said you were crazy or a maniac.. I just said that the doctors said that you need help" I tried not raising my voice. It's my job to remain calm, even when they pushed the right buttons and I just wanna kill them. He stormed to the bars shaking them, "I want you to get me out of here... I'm claustrophobic!" "Please stay calm... I can't let you out.. You have to stay there till you've been in court and got your sentence okay!" I tried staying calm.

I wasn't even close to being calm. Inside the fear for him was eating me alive. I was really afraid of him. But I was a police officer I couldn't be scared of a prisoner. "I don't care I just wanna live bitch!!" "You should've thought of that before" I said calmly then turning walking away. "Listen to me bitch... You scared?" I ignored him. "Officer she won't talk to me!" I heard him shout. "Smith go and talk to him" my boss said. I groaned, "I just have.... Can I see his papers please.." "We don't have them yet... But his real name is Justin Bieber. 21 years old... But the name he uses is Jason McCann... He's aggressive, so be nice... Stay calm and button your shirt all the way... We don't want you to get raped.. The doctors think that he is bipolar but nothing's clear-" "But what has he done? How many did he kill? How many crimes did he commit?" "We don't know yet... We're trying to.... Go and talk to him" he nodded in Jason/Justin's direction. "What do I have to call him?" "Jason McCann, just Jason" my boss smiled. I buttoned my blue shirt, "yes sir.." "The day after tomorrow you take a loose cardigan with you okay?" "Yes sir" I smiled as I walked towards Jason's cell.

"Look who's coming back?" Jason smirked checking me out, "why did you button your shirt babe?" "Look Jason... You'll have to talk to me about the crime okay?" I said sternly with a little smile. "Here? I've never tried that before" he smirked. "Jason! You'll have to follow me... Please" I commanded as two guards came towards the cell. "Where are we going?" he asked. "Where are we going bitch?" "I don't like the way you're talking to me Jason... We're going to interrogation..." I said as the guards opened the doors and put him in bracelets, then leading him to a the interrogations room. "Okay Jason-" "I've already been to this shit okay?" he exclaimed annoyed. "I know.. But we have to know more, before we can take you in court okay and give you your sentence.." I smiled getting my notebook ready.

"Can I come outside" Jason shouted. "Not yet McCann" a guard said sternly. "I wanna speak to that bitch... That always ruins my day" Jason yelled. "She is at lunch right now what can I do for you?" the guard asked nicely. "Get that god damn bitch down here!" "I'll ask her if she's ready" the guard cleared his throat. When I saw him come walking I smiled, "afraid huh?" "You'd better talk to him" the guard chuckled. I raised an eyebrow, "but I'm eating... Want me to take my sandwich down there?" My boss looked at me, as in, go down there!

Groaning I grabbed my sandwich and went to Jason's cell, "what's so important that you had to disturb my lunch.." I took a bite of my sandwich. "Can I come outside?" he asked. I sighed annoyed, "why didn't you just listen to the guard?!... The answer is no... You can't come outside before you've been in court and got your sentence!" "Cameron Smith huh?" he smirked looking at my batch. Great he knew who I was. On the other hand I knew almost everything about him. "Yeah... Jason McCann huh?" I teased, taking another bite of my sandwich. "Like it babe?" "Keep dreaming McCann" I winked, "are we done talking now?" "No wait when can I get out of here?" he smiled flippant. "I don't know yet..." I groaned, "can I please go to lunch now?" "Fine" groaning he sat down on his bed, in his orange coverall. "Bye McCann" smiling I went back to lunch. "You're gonna watch them tonight.. Then you're off tomorrow Smith!" my boss said as I sat down. "Yes sir" I leaned back sighing. I didn't have a boyfriend or anything at home so I could come home whenever I wanted to.

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