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1. how we met

So last summer my mom said I could go to a five seconds of summer concert.! I was obviously freaking out,so we went and it was AMAZING!! After it was over there was a bunch of girls screaming outside there tour bus but I was walking to my car and I felt a light tap on my shoulder not really paying attention to it I kept walking but then they said something ''uumm excuse me'' So this time I turned around I seen Michael Clifford! I stood there a bit confused he said hi but I was still standing there verryconfused but finally I said hi what are you doing talking to me out of one thousand girls he said well you caught my attention I was shocked he said well I'm Michael Clifford I laughed and said ya I know he said well what's your name I said what why do you want to know he looked at his feet and said because I have a little crush on you I said well that's good because I have a crush on you he we both laughed and i said I'm Jordyn!

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