A lonely girl

This story will make you cry because this story is about a young girl that she was so mistreated by people even her own mother.


4. Woke up in the hospital

Detective Garcia was questioning the group's leader Angel Torres a.k.a "Baby Boy" and he said "did you rape Alicia Sanchez ?!" Angel said "No!" A year later, Alicia woke up in the hospital from her coma and she started to scream. She was shocked because she saw her mother there at the hospital. The next, Alicia went back to school,  Adriana was so happy to see her. Richie was in detention for pulling Alicia's shirt, when Richie came out of detention, he walked up to Alicia and Adriana to apologize to Alicia. Then Alicia had slapped him and called a bastard. When Alicia's brothers, mother, and step-father went to Las Vegas, Nevada and Alicia was alone. So, Alicia had to get a job at McDonald, to take care of herself and the bills and Adriana helped Alicia with shopping. Alicia heard the doorbell rang, she went to open the door, there stood Detective Garcia and he had asked if Angel Torres a.k.a "Baby Boy" had raped her? And she said "no, he didn't". The next day, Alicia went to school, Emily and Skylar were spreading rumors about her like "Alicia was a slut" or " Alicia is a prostitute". Alicia saw Richie and he was beaten up so badly by Emily and Skylar. Alicia went up to them and said" Emily, stop these rumors or else!!" But they didn't listen because they wanted to see what will happen. 

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