A lonely girl

This story will make you cry because this story is about a young girl that she was so mistreated by people even her own mother.


1. The sadness

There was a 9 years-old girl name Alicia Torres. She had a huge family, she used to live with her mother, my father, and 2 brothers but she doesn't live them anymore. Now, she lives with my mother, her 2 brothers, and her mother's boyfriend. At age 12, Alicia's mother and father had separated and she had a hard time because of the divorcement, depression, and anger. Her mother didn't appericate her attitude, so she became restricted and had to punished Alicia. The next day, when her mother's boyfriend came over, so Alicia had locked herself in room and Alicia forget that her mother had a copy of her key. Alicia's mother found out that Alicia had locked the door so, she went to get her daughter's room key and unlocked the door. Alicia heard the doorknob turned then she got up fast and then she pushed her mother against the wall. She was able to escape since her mother had the belt in her hands. Alicia didn't have shoes but she told herself that she can't go back because her mother will hit her with the belt, so she kept on running. Her mother was yelling at her and Alicia heard her mother's last words which is I will get my secret weapon. So, Alicia ran faster since she knew that her Uncle Jose had a car. 

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