A lonely girl

This story will make you cry because this story is about a young girl that she was so mistreated by people even her own mother.


2. The promise

Alicia had arrived her Aunt Alejandra's house, so, Alicia had banged and rung the doorbell. Then her Aunt Alejandra opened the door, Alicia went in quickly and started to cry. Her cousin Christina asked what happened. Alicia said "Iran out of house since my mom was going to hit me with the belt". Christina had promised that she was going to protect her but Christina didn't keep her promise. When Alicia's uncle came to his sister's house, Alejandra was telling him that Alicia said that "your sister locked her out of the house". Then the next day was the day before Easter day, Alicia decided to go with her mom, her 2 bros, and Jr. go to the store. Then in the store, Alicia kinda stood up to her mother and said "take me home now or I call grandma!!"  When Alicia, her mom, and her 2 brothers came home, she went to her room then her mom came in with the belt unexpected. Jessica, Alicia's mother, said " tell me again what you told in the store", Alicia said"no", Jessica said" why not?" Alicia said "because you have the belt in your hands." So, she slapped Alicia across the face. 

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