A lonely girl

This story will make you cry because this story is about a young girl that she was so mistreated by people even her own mother.


6. The funeral

Maria was in hurry as well but she was too late. Jessica and Maria was dressing Alicia, Alicia is going to wear a dress and heels. After, they finished putting on the dress on Alicia, there was a blue light upon Alicia, she was the princess of the vampires and Alicia was 18 years-old instead of 13. Jessica couldn't her eyes because her daughter with bright red eyes and with vampires wings. Martin was crying because now he knew about his youngest daughter's true identity, Alicia was happy to see her dad for the last time. When she found out who would be her lover and protector, she knew that it was Richie because he was cute, funny, likes what she likes to watch, likes what she eats, and likes what she wears. But Jr didn't let him kiss her and Alicia said" why you won't let me kiss him?" He said" he might get you pregnant," he was looked at Alicia then at her brothers and sisters, plus the king and queen of the vampires. Martin was proud of his 2 sons and 2 daughters. Then the guardians of the humans were a pack of werewolves, Alicia saw  Carlos for the first time and his father came to stop Alicia from kissing Richie. Carlos grabbed Richie by the collar and pulled out of the church, but Alicia was real pissed off. So, she went after them but Alicia's brother had blocked her then he told about the "point" that they made with the pack, if they break that "point", they will have a nasty war with the werewolves. There was uninvited guest, his name is Zero, he is a hunter from the hunter association,  Zero saw Alicia, then he said" why would a young beautiful girl like you?" Alicia said" because I was going to dying but my family didn't care of me!" But three people that did care and they were her biological father, her best friend Adriana, and Baby Boy.   

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