A lonely girl

This story will make you cry because this story is about a young girl that she was so mistreated by people even her own mother.


3. The embarrassment

Alicia went to school the next day, she has P.E. class while she was changing, the girls would ask her what had happen to her back but Alicia wouldn't them because she is afraid that her mother will find that she told the school. So, after, Alicia came out of the girls locker room, 2 girls name Emily and Skylar told a guy to pull up Alicia's shirt up in front of the whole class he did. Alicia tried to pull down her shirt but she couldn't because of this guy name Richie, he is the most cutest and popular guy in school, he was looking at her bruises. Emily and Skylar  was shocked and laughing at the same time, Alicia ran out of the gym, crying, Richie went after her but he couldn't because Emily and Skylar was in his way. So, Alicia's friend, Adriana went after her but by the time, Adriana found Alicia, she was unconscious. Adriana called for help when all of the students were heading for lunch, a group of mexican people help their own sister. When Richie saw the group the group, he saw Alicia unconscious. So, Richie called the secretary to help Alicia from the group. Secretary called a ambulance and Alicia's parent that she was unconscious. 


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