A lonely girl

This story will make you cry because this story is about a young girl that she was so mistreated by people even her own mother.


7. Alicia in her human form

The next day, Alicia return to school as a innocent girl, Emily and her group of friends that are so popular, Emily told her friends to jump Alicia. So, they jumped her, then Alicia had to defend herself so, she had release her wings from her back. Emily and her friends were shocked and scared of Alicia since she has wings, so then Alicia put her wings back into her skin. She knew that as a 13 years-old girl, she will be bullied for the rest of her life. In Alicia's human form, by the age 16 years-old, Alicia had dropped out of school because she getting tired for working at McDonald and taking care of Baby Boy and the gang. Alicia was home once again, Alicia was first rapped by a white man who is always a prevent to women and little girls. She started to scream that's when Baby Boy heard her screaming then Baby Boy had kick the old prevent's ass. Then Alicia was again in the hospital but this time, she was in a coma for 6  months, on July 3,2002, Alicia woke up from her coma. While Alicia was in a coma for 6 months, they did a rape kit, then the hospital called a unit called "Special Victims Unit" there were two detectives name Detective Olivia Benson and Detective Nick Monroe. They started to ask a lot of questions, it started to give Alicia  headache. Like "did you see a glance of your rapist?" Or "what happen after he finished rapping you?" So, Baby Boy asked them to leave her alone and to get out. Then Alicia started to speak in Spanish but Detective Monroe knew how to speak Spanish and understand it. So, he started to ask the Alicia the same questions but in Spanish instead of English, so Detective Benson ask the nurse to her the rape kit that had took it while Alicia was in a coma. Alicia wasn't pregnant with her rapist's child and the name of Alicia's rapist is Jordan Perez. Alicia knew him since she dropped out of school but he would always creep her out, Alicia saw man nurse enter her room and she recognized that he was her rapist.  

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