A lonely girl

This story will make you cry because this story is about a young girl that she was so mistreated by people even her own mother.


5. Alicia as a vampire

Alicia was bitten by a vampire, and she joined Baby Boy's gang. When Alicia became a vampire, she was thirsting for blood. The next day, Emily and Skylar saw Alicia with tattoos, dressing differently, she was with Baby Boy and his gang, and plus, she had more brothers and sisters than ever. Skylar and Emily was laughing at Alicia because she was trying to be a cool kid but she wasn't. Richie saw Alicia, she blew him a kiss, then he said" what the hell happen to Alicia? You have tattoos, different styles, and cuts on your arm!" Alicia said" I'm different now." Alicia was being a full time criminal. When Jessica and her 2 sons came home from Las Vegas, Nevada, she was pissed off because Alicia wasn't home and it was 11:00 p.m. Alicia came home and she saw her mother and her 2 brothers. Jessica had asked Alicia were she was?  Alicia told her mother "why do you care?" Jessica said" don't be a smart-ass!" Jessica slapped Alicia then she saw Alicia's arm full of blood, Alicia had collapsed since she lost almost all of her blood. Jessica's husband, Jr came and help to took Alicia to the hospital. Jr knew she was doing drugs, being suicidal, being depress, and she had anger. Alicia's biological father, Martin got a called from the hospital saying that his daughter was in the hospital, he was hurrying to get to his daughter before it was too late. He made it but he bumped into Jessica and her new husband, while he was praying for Alicia, it was too late. The doctors were trying their best to help but she was dead. 

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