Young Sherlock Holmes (BBC)

Just snippets from Sherlock's early life up until the end of Season 3. I will try my best to keep them in order.


2. Playing Pretend

A/N: This is just a short one shot showing Sherlock and Mycroft's relationship

     "Walk the plank!" Sherlock commanded, brandishing a flimsy, plastic sword at his older brother. Mycroft gave small smile, admiring the silliness of Sherlock, before returning to his part.

     "Oh no!" Mycroft exclaimed, over dramatically. "Won't the dread pirate just let this slide?"

     They were inside the house. The heavy rain had faded into background noise long ago. Mycroft was standing on the very edge of a chair that served as the "plank." Mycroft remembered coming into the living room and seeing Sherlock's make shift pirate ship, and decided to play along. 

    "Never!" Sherlock said. "If I let this slide, what will become of the rest of my crew? They will think the Dread Pirate Sherlock was going soft. They'd declare mutiny!" 

     Mycroft stifled a chuckle. Sherlock's "crew" was just Red-beard, and he looked so silly in his pirate hat he'd gotten from the fair. The hat was crooked, and it took all of Mycroft's self control not to straighten the hat pressed over Sherlock's curly black hair. It was a bit big on him, so you could just see his blue eyes peeking out like diamonds, sparking with intelligence and mischief. He was wearing father's long coat with the coat collar turned up. 

    "Please!" Mycroft implored. "Please have mercy!" 

     Sherlock paused, as if to consider it. He could be quite the drama queen. 

     "Nay," He said finally. And shoved Mycroft off the chair. 


Later that day


    "And then I felled the traitor with one mighty shove!" 

    It was late, and Sherlock was retelling the pirate story to Mycroft in great detail, apparently oblivious to the fact Mycroft had been there. 

     "-and he fell, crashing into the frothy sea beneath me." 

     Mycroft smiled gently at his brother, who was acting out the scene, over dramatically on his bed. 

     "That's great for you Sherlock." Mycroft said. "But now, you have to go to bed."

     "I am in bed." He retorted quickly. Mycroft rolled his eyes. Sherlock mimicked him. A talent he seemed rather adept at. 

     "I meant," Mycroft said, leaning over to still his hyper little brother, and stuff him under the sheets. "It's time to go to sleep." 

     Sherlock sobered up a bit and turned over on his side. With a smile, Mycroft leaned down to gently kiss Sherlock's curly head. 

     "Love you." Mycroft said, so quietly. He hoped Sherlock didn't hear him. As he got up and turned the lamp off and slowly shut the door, he heard a quiet whisper,

     "Love you Mycroft."


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