Free Falling

Mackenzie a 17 years old beautiful weird girl who doesn´t have anything or anyone and thinks her life is going down suddenly finds a reason to live.

I use cool songs for the tittles


10. I Would


We got to this huge place where the band would play. It was some kind of a club I hadn’t seen before. I’m not sure all these people underage, including me, should be here, but whatever, I’ll just ignore it. When we entered it looked even bigger on the inside. There were people from school, and there was some band playing in the stage,

“Jason, please tell that you’re playing after them” I asked worried that they might not be able to play tonight.

“Nope Mac, they’re our replacement, just one band gets to perform” Jason said a little bit disappointed. I eyed the room, looking for the rest of the guys and to my surprise I saw Tyler flirting with some girl. I wasn’t sure if I should tell Sam.

“Jason, come and see this” I called for him. Maybe he knew what was happening.

“I can’t believe he is actually doing it” Jason said walking over to a nearby table where the rest of the group was sitting.

“Whats going on?” I asked, curious to Jason’s reaction.

“He’s making the move” He said as if every person in the room new what the ‘move’ was. I stood there confused and Jason noticed.

“I’ll explain later” He said. I nodded and we kept walking in silence over to the table. I was a little nervous to see Kayden. I felt really stupid over what happened in the park this morning. The good news was that he didn’t seem to be around.

“You’re too late, dude. They had to let someone else start, and to top it all off, they’re good.” Luke said referring to the band that was playing.

“You should’ve started without me” Jason said not taking his eyes off Tyler and the girl.

“Jason you’re the drummer. It wouldn’t be the same” Luke said.


“What can I do? I feel horrible. I just forgot about it” Jason said momentarily looking at Luke and then looking back at Tyler.

“I don’t know, we’re waiting to see if the move works” Sky said. I had no idea what they were talking about, but they all looked anxiously at Tyler flirt with that girl, even Sam.

“What’s the move?” I asked hoping someone could explain me.

“The move, consists in flirting with the manager so we can play” Luke explained.

“Has it worked?” I asked.

“Yeah, well, not really, but we try it anyway” I giggled and noticed that Tyler was making his way back at us.

“Did it work?” Bec asked,

“No, well let’s just say that I was flirting with some girl that has nothing to do with this place, on the bright side she has a fast food restaurant and gave us all discounts” Tyler explained ad everyone started laughing.

“But… See that guy over there. The blonde one” He said referring to someone who was on the other side of the room, and everyone nodded. “He’s the manager. One of the girls should go” Tyler said looking over at Bec, Sky, Sam and me.

“Wait a minute, exactly when did you find out she had nothing to do with this place?” Sam asked.

“From the start. I was going to come back, but then she mentioned the restaurant” Tyler explained and Sam eyed him suspiciously.

“You are an idiot” Sam said playfully and hugged him, Tyler returning the favor.

“I can go” Sky offered.

“No, you can’t. I‘m not sure what you said last time, but you got us all kicked out of the place.” Jason said shaking his head.

“Why don’t you go, Bec?” I asked her.

 “No way. Kayden is here, he would never let me go. Believe me it wouldn’t be pretty” She said, I was going to ask Sam but then realized that she had wandered off with Tyler.

“Why don’t you go, Mac?” Matt suggested. Me? I could barely make friends and now they were expecting me to go and get them a place on the stage.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea” I said and before someone could say anything, Kayden appeared.

“Absolutely no. She’s not doing it” Kayden said a little bit harsh.

“Don’t worry mate, we’re not taking about Bec. We’re talking about, Mac” Jason said reassuring him, apparently that wasn’t the situation.

“I know what you were talking about. She’s not doing it” Kayden said once again. Why was he acting like that? I didn’t understand. Honestly we were all kind of confused by what he had said.

“Is someone jealous or is there some explanation on why Mac shouldn’t go?” Matt said smiling at Kayden.

“Of course not, but she looks too young to act like a twenty something year old. Besides I don’t think she’ll want to do it.” Kayden said a little bit nervous, and I momentarily felt kind of disappointed but shook it off as soon as it came.

“I’ll do it” I shrugged since this looked like a big deal for them. Why not help the out.

“I could fix your makeup so you look a little bit older.” Bec offered.

“Whatever then” Kayden said nothing more.

“Alright then. Come on. Let’s get you fixed up” Bec said pulling me over to the restrooms. Once we were there Bec made me change into her clothes and she changed into mine. I ended up in her navy blue dress it was tight on top and hung loosely on the bottom, thank God it wasn’t too short, but it did have a low neckline. I was now also wearing Bec’s gorgeous flats.  She put some make up on but not too much, it looked nice but it wasn’t me at all, she was so girly. The outfit along with the makeup did made me look a little bit older. Bec swept my hair over my shoulder. Making the colors of both my red hair and the blue dress pop out.

“You are ready” Bec said looking at her wonderful master piece excitedly.

We got to the table and everyone was silent, looking at me. It made me blush. Thankfully Kayden was nowhere to be seen.

“You look beautiful, baby girl. Now go get him” He said so only I could hear, I laughed and made my way over to the blonde guy.

Once I was behind him I got really nervous and didn’t know what to say, suddenly he turned around and spotted me saving be from an embarrassing moment.

“Can I help you, beautiful? My name’s Louis” He was talking to me.

“Hi, I’m Tiffany” I made the name up not looking into his eyes.

“So, Tiffany. Would you like a drink? I suppose you’re twenty one?” He offered

“Uhm, yes please.” I said, I wasn’t even processing the words that left my mouth. We sat down and he slid the drink over at me. All I wanted to do was finish this and I didn’t know how to start conversation about the band.

“What do you think about the band?” He asked as if he could read my mind.

“They’re fine I guess, but see those guys over there?” I said and he nodded “They have great music, they’re really good” I said trying to sound convincing.

“Mackenzie, it’s ok. You can leave” He said “Wait how do you know my name?” I was confused.

“You are wearing a necklace with your name and I saw the way your friends looked at you, I once did what you’re trying to do right now” He laughed, but not in a mean way. Stupid necklace.

“I’m sorry, thanks for the drink anyway.” I apologized and stood up.

“You are very nice, I like you. I’ll let your friends play tonight for a while. They can start in five minutes” He said smiling. I thanked him and walked back to the table where everyone was seating.

“So, what did he say?” Bec asked anxiously.

“You start in five” I said excited and they all started hugging and thanking me.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and take the makeup off. I was going to tell Bec that we should get changed but I didn’t know where she had gone. We’ll change later. I thought to myself and went to the bathroom once again. 

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