Free Falling

Mackenzie a 17 years old beautiful weird girl who doesn´t have anything or anyone and thinks her life is going down suddenly finds a reason to live.

I use cool songs for the tittles


2. I Must Be dreaming

6 years later

After the night of the accident, my whole life changed. I was sent to an orphanage in Pennsylvania, and I discovered that my parents weren’t as amazing as I though. My dad left home when he was my age, seventeen almost eighteen and my mother was also an orphan, just like I am. We were never able to contact my dad’s family and my mom had no one.

All I wanted to do was get out of this hell hole and leave Pennsylvania, since it was a small town everyone knew me as the orphan. I know that there are other orphan girls but all of them are here since they were babies, I got here when I was ten so I never really got along with any of the girls here.

I never saw my friends again, I don’t even think they would want to see me. The thing is, I had no hope, no future, no friends or family. I decided on not speaking to anyone, all I wanted to do was go take pictures of the garden that my mother never could.

It was a normal morning.  woke up and went to take a bath. As usual nobody talked to me because they knew that I wouldn’t answer or maybe because I liked different things than the normal girls my age. Sometime I thought that they were jealous of me, because I was the only one here that did meet her parents, it sounds cruel but honestly I wish I had never met them, that way I wouldn’t be thinking of them every second of the day. I spent the day laying in my bed imagining what my life would have been like if they were still here

. It was time to eat so I walked down to the dining room. To my surprise there were two men in business suits.

“Excuse me, Miss Evans?” One of them asked, and I nodded.

“Mason and Sara´s daughter?” He asked once more and I nodded.

“Alright, just checking” It was so strange to hear their names.

“Join us Miss Evans” The other man said.

I followed them down a long corridor where all the offices were. It seemed endless until finally we arrived to a small office with a desk, two chairs where the men sat down on one side and one in the other side where I sat down. There were some papers in the desk and I could only see what one of them said, but one of the men reached for the papers and put them in a folder out of my sight. All I could think about was that some gay couple decided to adopt me or it was an FBI secret mission maybe.

“This may be difficult for you but, you are going to be sent somewhere else” The taller man said.

I thought that maybe I would be sent to an orphanage for girls with no dreams or hopes.

“Where?” Millions of unanswered questions ran through my mind but that was the only one that I managed to ask

“Look Miss Evans, we located an aunt of yours on your father’s side and she agreed to be your guardian, ”

I didn’t know if I should get excited or cry out of pure happiness, I was shocked. I had family who actually wanted to meet me. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

“Please tell me that this is not a joke, tell me that I will be sent with my aunt and that I’ll be happy” I said while a couple of tears

"Miss, we would never play with something as delicate, but it will not be with your aunt" The shorter one said.

“I don’t understand” I frowned, worriedly.

“Your aunt and his husband’s job involves traveling around the world so at the moment she can’t take care of you, but Katherine Anderson, her 23 year old daughter agreed to take you in. You will be living with her and her two friends in Brookville a small town near the beach, is it clear?” he asked.

“Yes, everything’s perfect, when do I leave?” This time I asked excitedly. “Tomorrow at 9:00 am a taxi will pick you up and take you to the airport, we will see you there with the rest of the instructions, now go and arrange your luggage, we will start fixing your papers” The taller man finally said.

I smiled and nodded, quickly running out of the office and up the stairs. It was the second time in six years that I smiled. The first time being when a family took me in for Christmas, they gave me a phone and Dr. Marten boots, it was as if we were a real family, for a moment I thought that they were going to adopt me but the woman got pregnant and I never saw them again. Who would want to adopt a teenager when you can have your own baby?

When I got to my room, I took the few baggy sweaters that I had, three pairs of pants, some cd’s I got from my favorite bands, my phone and put my boots next to my bed. All the other girls in the room stared at me whispering that I was finally leaving, but I didn’t care what they said.

“So you’re finally leaving?” One of the girls that had been bothering me for the last six years said, not quite believing it.

“I saw your papers, you’re leaving in two weeks. A couple from Dallas adopted you” I said smiling.

She looked down at her feet embarrassed

“I’m sorry” she apologized

“Don’t worry its ok” I said before getting into bed trying to fall asleep. 

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