I Will Protect You

Cori lives a troubles life and is mixed in with all the wrong people but what happens when she collides lives with one of the most wanted criminals alive. Even worse, she dating his worst enemy Jason McCann and when he vows to protect her no matter what, things get a little complicated. Will they catch feeling for each other?


5. Chapter 5

I ran through the all to familiar hallway.


"Cori, you know I can here you running!" I heard Jason yell.


I took a left down the hall that headed outside and went into the first room I seen knowing I wouldn’t make it to the door with him this close behind me. I seen the giant support beam inside the giant wooden room, the guest room. I climbed on the bed onto the headboard and jumped onto a near by beam. It was one of the smaller ones. I climbed from beam to beam until I was on the biggest beam. It went straight across the middle of the room. It was 3X the size as me.


I heard his foot steps getting closer. He just turned down the hall.


"Cori, get you ass out hear. Haven't you learned not to run from me yet?"


I knew he was about to open the door and that I was facing life or death. I heard the door open and I shrunk myself as small as I could go. I held my breath as my heart started pounding.. I felt like he could since my fear.


"I know your in here Cori." He said in a familiar tone. It was his 'nice' voice. The voice that had tricked me so many times before. "Just come on out and I promise I won't hurt you baby."




"You know I don't mean to hurt you."




"I just get so angry sometimes."




"I love you baby."


Don't fall for it Cori, remember why your running.


I felt my hand travel to the bruise on my face and trail down to the bruises on my chest and stomach.




I heard him sigh and leave the room. I carefully looked around to make sure he was no longer in the room. I swung down from the beam, careful not to make to much noise. I quietly walked out of the room and looked behind me to be sure he wasn't waiting for me outside the room. As I turned around to run out of the door I felt something cold against the back of my neck.


"I know you heard me yelling for you." Jason said in my ear. "Just come with me back to our room and I'll let you make this up to me and I promise your punishment won't be as bad as it would be." he began to kiss my neck.


Don't give into him. It's time to stand up for yourself.


"No." I quietly said.




"I said No!" I yelled and with a swift movement I nocked the gun out of his hand and took it apart before throwing it down the hall. I suddenly felt a strong pain on my stomach.

"When did you learn to do that babe?" he said before hitting my again, this time in the ribs. "Have you been planning to leave me?" he went to hit me again but instead I blocked it and kneed him in his.. Private parts.


He hit the ground but not before pulling his knife out and slicing my arm and face. I kicked him in the same spot as I kneed him and ran out the front door.


"I will find you Cori! You will pay!" I heard him scream at me then I heard him yelling to his backup.




I darted into the woods, running as fast as my feet would take me.


Run Cori, run.








I felt someone shaking me and I opened my eyes. I sat up to see Justin.


"Are you okay?" Justin asked wiping my eyes. Had I been crying?


"No." I said as I leaned into him and sobbed.


"Hey baby, why are you crying? What did you dream about?" he said stroking my hair as if I was a kid who was scared of monsters. I shook my head and held onto him.


"Just… Just don't…. Don't let him find me Justin."


"It's okay Cori." He lifted my chin up to where I was looking him in the eyes. He kissed my forehead. "I will protect you Baby. I promise." I smiled at his words and kissed his plump lips.


"I love you Jay."


"I love you too Cori."


A/N Sorry I haven't updated, I have had so much school work and drama that it has been over whelming. Anyways, now you no a little about why Cori was running in the woods and what her life was like before. Tell me what you think. Like, comment, and favorite!

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