I Will Protect You

Cori lives a troubles life and is mixed in with all the wrong people but what happens when she collides lives with one of the most wanted criminals alive. Even worse, she dating his worst enemy Jason McCann and when he vows to protect her no matter what, things get a little complicated. Will they catch feeling for each other?


4. Chapter 4

Nobody's POV


Cori slowly opened her eyes with the same throbbing headache as before. 

Justin had been placing cold rags on her head since she fainted the day before. He didn’t no her but for some reason felt obligated to protect her.


Cori slowly made her way down the long hall with hopes to find Justin.  She finally found him in a magnificent kitchen.


Justin was drinking ice cold water in hopes to calm his nerves. He had been tense since the call from Jason he had been sure he new Cori, he just didn't remember how.


"Justin." Cori said in a small voice, just loud enough to get his attention.


He looked up with worry in his eyes as he rushed over to her. "Are you okay?"


"Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?"


"You passed out, probably from all the stress. You've been asleep since yesterday."


"Oh." she said not sure how to approach the subject of Jason. "Has anyone else called?"


"No. You hungry?" Justin said wanting nothing more than to change the subject.


"Um sure." she walked over to the island as she hoisted herself onto the stool. "Uh, I can order me something so you don't have to use your food." she looked down.


Justin had already started to rummage through the cabinet looking for what to cook. It was 6:00 pm so it had to be dinner like. "No no. Its fine I can cook you something." he said as he pulled out the ingredients for spaghetti.


"You don't have to.." she began but was soon silenced.


"But I want to. I'm going to take care of you." Justin smiled at her as he began cooking.


Cori's POV


After about five minutes agonizing silence I started to wonder about Justin. He seemed so familiar but why? Did I know him from somewhere.


"Hey Justin?"




"Can we play 20 questions?"


"Well, I'm cooking but you can ask me random questions if you'd like."


"Okay, what's you favorite color?"


"Purple and blue."


"What's your favorite number?"




"What kind of music do you like?"


"R&B and Pop."


"What's your favorite drink?"


"Orange Juice."


"What's your favorite food?"


He looked at me for a second and laughed as he looked down at the sauce and noodles he was mixing at the moment. "Spaghetti."


"When was your first kiss?"


"13 years old."


"Do you play any instruments?"


"Guitar, Piano, Drums, and Trumpet. That’s enough about me though," he said placing a plate of spaghetti in front of me as he sat beside me. "Your turn."


"My turn for what?" I asked taking a small bite of my food.


"Answer questions."


"What am I suppose to answer?"


"Answer the questions you asked me."


"Okay ummm.  Favorite color is purple, my favorite number is 4, favorite drink is tea or Cola, I don’t play any instruments, favorite food.. Anything that doesn't eat me first." I stopped as we both began to laugh for a moment. "and I like most kinds of music, my favorites are country, pop, and rap."


We both were eating when he suddenly stopped and just looked at me.


"What?" I asked.


"You didn’t answer one question."


"Which one?"


"First kiss."


"Oh, My first kiss was when I was 13 also, I don’t want to talk about it."


"Why not?"


"Because it was with a boy I really liked, but I don't think he liked me back. He moved later on that year.. I don't remember his name. It was something Bieber."


Justin nearly choked on a noodle.


"OMG are you okay? What's wrong."


"I remember you."


"What are you talking about?" I was beyond confused.


"Jay… You use to call me that."


"Oh my gosh, Jay. How did I not recognize you.. OMG I just told you how much I like you."


"Like?" he said smiling.


"Liked." I said with my cheeks turning red that he caught my slip. I did have a crush on him but now that everything came back I liked him even more.


"Hey," he said kneeling down beside me. Moving my hair so he could look at me.

"I liked you too, still do."


I hugged him and looked at him in the eyes. He hadn't changed much, same gorgeous caramel eyes and beautiful smile. Before I knew it he was looking from my eyes to my lips and back. I slowly leaned in and our lips connected. All the fire works and butterflies came back. The same feelings from 5 years ago were back, except stronger.


We pulled back and looked at each other. All I could do was smile. Suddenly my phone rang. Without looking I answered and suddenly I was brought back to reality with a strong stern voice.


"Your 24 hours are up Cori, I'll find you. You will pay, and this time you won't get away."


I hung up and looked at Justin. He looked as though he was ready to explode, he new.



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