I Will Protect You

Cori lives a troubles life and is mixed in with all the wrong people but what happens when she collides lives with one of the most wanted criminals alive. Even worse, she dating his worst enemy Jason McCann and when he vows to protect her no matter what, things get a little complicated. Will they catch feeling for each other?


3. Chapter 3

*phone call with Justin's mom (one side)*


"Mom, yeah I just found this girl in my backyard. There were these people looking for someone…. I assume it was her they were looking for….. No, she looks bloody and her leg might be broken…. I brought her inside and I was going to clean her off but yeah.. Will you come do it? … Alright.. You too bye."


*end of phone call*

I looked down and seen the stranger who I had laid on my couch. She had jean shorts on with a tank top on and a jean jacket. She had a pair of black supras on and she had a few accessories. I looked down at her right leg and seen how bad it looked. I took of my shirt and rapped it around the girls bleeding leg in hopes of stopping it some. The Bone was obviously broken and I could set it but that’s all I can do for now. I quickly began to clean her leg. Disinfecting it and I set it back in place. I took a spare ace bandage and wrapped it then took and leg brace from where I broke my ankle and put it on her leg. She already looked a lot better.  The only thing is, who is this girl and why was she in my backyard? Maybe she has an I.D.


I carefully checked the pockets of her jacket and shorts and all I found was five dollars and a cell phone. I laid the phone down on the inn table and went to go find her some clothes for after my mom gets here.


I walked into my room and found a pair of black basketball shorts and a gray shirt. I hope this is good enough.


Right as I walked out of my room I heard my door bell ring. I walked to the door and looked through the small eye hole before opening the door.


"Hey mom." I gave her a small hug.


"Hey honey, where is the girl at?"


"She's in here on my couch. I cleaned her leg and set it but that’s all I could really do without.. You no."


"Yeah, I know. You know it was nice of you to help her." She said walking into the living room and looking at our patient. "Well I can tell right now that she may have a concussion and that she a shower/bath to prevent infection in the cuts on her head and arms."


"Okay, I'm here to help if I can."


I carried her into the bathroom and closed the door so my mom could do what she had to do. About fifteen minutes I heard my mom holler for me. I ran to the bathroom to see what she needed. She handed me the girls clothes and told me to wash them and then come back and carry her into a bedroom. I did what I was told and decided to put her in my room so I could look after her.


"She has a high fever Justin so you need to keep putting cool rags on her head until she wakes up. Clean the bad cut on her legs and the few on her arms every few hours and if you need anything else just call."


"Thanks mom." I said hugging her.


"Your welcome baby. Anytime." she kissed me on the cheek and walked out of the room.


I sat in my bedroom watching the girl. She had long beautiful brown hair that waved. She had a cute button nose and a nice ass body. She was beautiful. After about half an hour I got hungry and was going to eat when I heard her phone start vibrating. I walked over to the inn table where I had set it looked at the caller I.D.




I hesitantly picked it up and answered it


*phone call (both sides)*


"Hello?" I said.


"Hey Bitch where the fuck are you?" the other voice said harshly.


"what the fuck did you just say?"


"Who the fuck is this and where is Cori?"


Cori.. That must  be her name.


"None of your fucking business where she is. Who is this?"


"Jason," I heard a smirk in his voice. "Jason McCane. You just tell Cori she has twenty-four hours to come back and if not when I find her she will regret it."


"Well Jason, I suggest you leave Cori the fuck alone."


"And who exactly do you think you are?"


"Your worst fucking night mare."

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