cyber love


1. same old day

I opened my eyes to the blinding light piercing my face. I checked the time to see it was 7:30 am, I guess 5 more minutes wouldn't hurt..

"Brooke wake the hell up" I heard a scream in my ear, I rolled over pretending I didn't hear a thing and blocked the sound out by putting the pillow over my head. "Brooke don't fucking ignore me" I heard again, I felt big hands rest on my body and I started to shake back and forth, I opened my eyes and snapped back to reality as I saw my alcoholic, abusive dad shaking me. "Dad, why are you shouting?" "Because you're an hour late to school now get the fuck up" he screeched. My face dropped, I'm going to be in so much trouble, I have an assignment in for today and I need to get it in or I will definitely fail my course. I saw my dad leave my room angrily, I just sat on the edge of my bed rolling my eyes. My dad cares about me when he wants something, and he wants me to have good grades not because he cares about my future but he wants me to have a good job, not for me but for him, he told me everything I earn he will take from me, so school, I couldn't care less school is my enemy, along with some other people too. I quickly brushed my teeth and then chose what to wear, I put on some leather black leggings, a dark blue and black checkered oversized shirt, some white vans and my usual black back pack, you see my dad doesn't like me going out with hardly any of my skin showing because he thinks it's very 'slutty' stupid I know..I placed my long brown hair into a bun and didn't bother with makeup, why should I? I have no one to impress anyway. As soon as I was ready I walked to see my dad sat on the sofa with a can of beer watching last nights game. "Dad I'm going" I spoke, he looked at me angrily, oh no.. He grabbed onto my shirt without ripping it and I had to say he stunk of booze..classy very classy. " you ever be late again I will show you how strong I am, you understand?" He shouted, I just nodded my head as quick as I could, he hates me not speaking back so he clenched his fist and punched me right in the stomach, I bent down in pain. A tear escaped my eye as I got back up. "Now clear off you useless piece of trash" I scurried out of the house wiping the tears from my eyes and holding into my now bruised stomach. I hated seeing my dad like that, I just hated it, I miss my old dad so much, he never use to be like this, but ever since my mum left us for another, richer man 3 years ago things changed, yes my dad's been abusing me for 3 years now and it won't stop anytime soon. My dad is rich, all my family are, my dad's a business man but he hides the fact that he's an alcoholic, he is obsessed with money, it's crazy and unreal.


I walked into my lesson and everyone turned around in their seats and stared at me. "Brooke the bad fuck is late miss" Harry called out, yeah he was an absolute prick, so was everyone else in this school and the nick name he gave me has been my nick name now for a year, yes I went to a party with some of my friends last year whilst my dad was away and Louis Tomlinson, another popular kid told everyone we fucked and that I was a bad fuck, but we didn't even have sex. And for their information I'm still a Virgin. "Brooke, why are you so late to lesson?" Mr Stevens asked with furrowed eyebrows. " sorry sir, I-I overslept" the class burst out laughing like something was funny when it really wasn't they just hate me,and I hate them. "Okay class quiet down, Brooke sit down and turn to page 37" I quietly walked to my usual seat and just as I was about to sit down someone pulled my chair out and I want flying onto the floor making a huge noise behind me. Everyone turned and laughed at me, a tear escaped my eye as I got up. "Brooke keep it quiet please" the teacher shouted. I hate school and I hate life.


School finished and I was on my way walking home when I got stopped by a suspicious man "wow, oh wow" he spoke, I furrowed my eyebrows at him. "Have I got something on my face?" I spoke and felt near my mouth to check for crumbs of food.."no, well yes only the best bone structure and the cutest, most modelled looking face I've ever seen" I half smiled about the compliment he just gave me. He looked back to see someone running towards him,he handed me a card and began to run away. " give me a call in the week, I have a proposition for you" he shouted down the street. I shrugged my shoulders in confusion, okay what just happened.. "Get in the car" I heard from behind me" it was my dad..oh god. I hopped in the black SUV and we drove home.

I ran into my room as soon as we got back to avoid my dad, I know he was angry and I know I would get punished for it. I grabbed my laptop and saw a message. 'Hey beautiful, we haven't spoke in so long:(' I had goosebumps as I read the message, I replied back in an instant 'hey, and I'm sorry, things just haven't been going right recently and I haven't had time to go on here' I then sent the message with a smile, I've been speaking to this boy on an anonymous chat for nearly a year now, we go to the same school but don't know each other's names or anything else, I can say I love him, he's been there for me through everything and I just wish I could meet him but we are both busy people I guess. ' anyway, how are you? I was wondering if you want to meet up soon, I mean, I want to see the girl I love:)' I smiled at the message then shortly replied back. 'Im fine thanks and yes that would be great, but if you met me you would probably hate me', 'I love you, ever since we started talking I have, whoever you are I would never hate you' I smiled at the message then he sent another one. 'Hows school anyway?:/' he knows I get bullied and he knows about my dad abusing me too, I tell him everything, I can trust him..'it's still horrible, still the same old bully's I guess'..'I wish I could help if I knew you, my friends bully a girl and I can't stop it because they are dangerous and capable of so many things. Maybe I could spot him in school next time I see boys bullying a girl, I'll just look for the guy with a worried or helpless look on his face. 'I have to go now, I'll speak to you later' I wrote then shut my laptop. "Brooke, come down these stairs, NOW" my dad screamed, oh no, this can't be good.. I scurried down stairs and saw my dad holding up a letter, what the hell. "What do you call this?!" I furrowed my eyebrows, "dad, it's a letter" I scuffed, his eyes widened and without a thought he slapped me around the face, I clenched my cheek in pain. "Don't be cocky you stupid bitch, it's a letter from the school about your behaviour, skipping classes and your walk outs, you know what we've spoke about, school comes before everything else, I need money, and you need a good job to get me more money" he dad is obsessed with money, he's rich but he tried so hard to have as much money as possible. He grabbed my hair tightly and pushed me down to the ground. I winced in pain. "Now if this ever happens again I promise you I won't be responsible for my actions" I swallowed the lump I had in my throat and I ran upstairs crying. Can my life get any worse?.

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