Naruto: The soon to be famous kohana star

Sakura comes back to Kohana after five years of
moving. She moved for five years because she is a very advanced student and she can sing. But Sakura is soon offered a record deal to go to the Kohana recording studio, but if she accepts, she can't ever see her friends again... What will she do?


2. the chance of a lifetime

The next day, when Sakura was out in the parking lot, a man came over to her. "Hi, are you sakura?" The man asked. "Yes I am." "My name is Phillip, and I'm here cause I heard you sing. I wanted to offer you a record deal." "Oh my gosh!!!" "So will you take it?" "Yes!!!" "Glad to hear." He then gave her a card. "Contact me and we can arrange a meeting." He then shook her hand. "I look forward to meeting with you Mrs. Haruno." He said and left. Her friends then ran to her house to plan a surprise party. Hinata and tenten were in charge of the banner, while neji, Shikamaru, and Ino were in charge of passing out poppers.

"Man, this is stupid!" Naruto said blowing up a balloon. Naruto and Sasuke were in charge of balloons. "Shut up dobe!" Sasuke said then blowing into another balloon. "If you can't stop complaining, then I'll make you stop by force!" Ino said bringing in a bag of poppers. "What a drag. Troublesome girls." Shikamaru said. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Ino yelled as a vein started to pop out on her forehead. Shikamaru instantly shut up. "GOOD!" Ino said calming down.

"Sakura's coming!" Neji said coming in. "Quick hide!" Ino said turning the lights off. Everyone then hid. Sakura then opened the door. "Hello? Where is everyone?" She said. Then Ino turned on the lights, as everyone jumped out and said "Surprise!" Sakura stood shocked. "W-what is all this?" She asked still surprised. "It's a surprise party! Everyone grab your poppers!" Everyone then grabbed their poppers. "We will all pop our poppers saying the syllables to the word congratulations. Ready! Con!" "Gra!" "Tu!" "La!" "Tions!" Sakura smiled. "I just contacted Phillip and arranged a meeting. I'm just waiting for a response and where it's gonna be." Sakura's phone then buzzed. It was a text from Phillip.

"The meeting will be tomorrow and will be in the Kohana recording studio in Los Angeles. I look forward to seeing you and making you famous. See you Mrs. Haruno."

Sakura gasped. The meeting was in Los Angeles, which meant she wouldn't be able to see her friends anymore. The only time she could see them is if they came to her concerts. Sakura then began to look sad.

"What's wrong Sakura?" Ino asked, growing worried about her friend. Sakura knew Ino was serious. Because Ino only called Sakura her real name when Ino was worried about Sakura.

"What's wrong Sakura? Don't you like the party?" Ino asked worried. "Yes the party's great and all... But there's something that I have to tell you guys..." Sakura said. "What is it?" Ino asked. Sakura closed her eyes and tears started rolling down her face. "I can't see you guys anymore after today."

To be continued....

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