Frozen, A New Beginning

Sequel To Once Again, Frozen.
Years have passed since Dylans death.
People have changed.
Arendelle is once again peaceful. Elsa and her family are still grieving but things seem to be looking better.
But will things stay that way?
Arendelle may be on the verge of war and Elsa is the only one who can stop it.
Or is she?


1. One

I walked slowly to the window.

My legs ached, For I had not walked in a while. No one had done much for a while. They were grieving. Understandable as my son Dylan had passed away a few years ago. Two to be exact. That may seem a long time, but for us it felt like yesterday.

He sacrificed himself for Eleanor. My daughter. She has not been the same since. Always in her room. I wish I could help her, But I can't. I know I can't.

As for Danny. He has been trying hard to help everyone. His actions have been appreciated, Not ti mention needed. He feels guilty. As if it was his fault.

But then I guess there's blame to share. That doesn't matter any more.

At least we know he is happy.




Eric walks behind me and adjusts my wonky necklace. I smile up at him.


He nods. "I'm rather hungry." I laugh and kiss his cheek.

"What's new?"


We make our way, arms linked down the winding corridors to the dining room.

I slip my arm out of his. "I will meet you down there alright?"

He looks at me. "Elsa.." I give him a reassuring smile. "Don't worry. I'll only be a minute."

I watch his tall figure sweep around the corner and I hurry back up the way we came.

The dark purple velvet curtains blur past me as I run. I trip and fall. It doesn't matter, I'm here.

The door towering above me opens.

"Mother?" A white head of hair greets me.


"El." I smile as she helps me up. "You look beautiful."

She does. Her white hair pulled back, Her tall body draped in a pale blue silk dress.

"So do you." She blushes as we stand there for what seems like forever staring at the stone floor.

I look up at her. She does the same.

As if we both knew, We embrace each other. My hand runs through her hair.

"It's hard.." She sighs.

"I know. But we have each other right?" I lift her head with my hands.

"Gosh, You're nearly as tall as me!" I gasp.

That makes her smile. She giggles slightly. "Shall we?"

"You're coming?!" I grin.

"Yes, I am better now. The past is in the past." She takes my hand.

My eyes widen for a second. "Yes, It is. We shall."





Dinner is the best it has been for two years. Everyone is smiling, talking and laughing.

Anna approaches me, Kristoff at her side. "Elsa. This is wonderful!" I smile.

"I know. It hasn't been this way for what feels like forever!" I take her hand. "And it will stay this way."

She laughs. "I love your promises Elsa." I see her eyes roll around the room taking everything in.

"I love your steak!" Kristoff mumbled wiping sauce from his mouth.

We all burst out into laughter. Eleanor glided over. "Nice steak!" She managed to get out in-between mouthfuls. Kristoff motioned towards her. "See!"

"You look Gorgeous El That dress is lovely." Anna smiled. 

Eleanor blushed and flopped her hand towards Anna. "Oh stop! I won't fit into it if I keep on  like this!"

I grinned at her and she grinned back.





Later that evening as everyone was getting into bed, I walked down that same corridor to that same door.

I knocked.

"Hang on!"

I rolled my eyes smiling.

The door opened and there stood El in her nightdress. 

She sat on the bed and puffed up her pillow then slipped under the floral duvet.

"I'm proud of you." She grinned as I tucked her thick hair behind her ear.

"He would be too." I added. "You should now that."

Hey eyes closed and she smiled. "I know. I always knew."


Leaning down, I kissed her forehead and with that, I walked out, extinguishing the candle.

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