It all started with a "hello👋"

This is just a love story about Daniela and Brandon.


2. school👓

Daniela's POV

*DING DING DING* 6:30 am

"Ugh stupid alarm"

I get out of bed n go right to my bathroom I lock the door and take my clothes off to take a shower. How about while I take a shower I tell you a little about my self?

My name is Daniela Johnson I am 16 years old and I have an older brother mason who Is only a year older. I have 3 best friends Darby, destiny and daphne. And as you can see all of our names star with "D" every one calls us the " DIVAS" or the "DIVINE"and before you ask no we are not the popular girls in our school their is two groups us the divas and "THE GLORIOUS" they think they rule the school which is kinda annoying.

You see I was new last year and I was a total nerd I would wear braids and glasses, I use to have braces. I use to also have stage fright.I know total nerd but this year I decided to change my look so I left all summer and stayed at my aunts who is a hairstylist. And so thanks to her I look much better.

After I'm done. I wrap my towel around my body. I go to my closet and take my uniform out.

I know most people don't like uniform but in this case I like my uniform. It's a white polo shirt with a red plaid tie, my skirt is also red plaid and it goes above my knees. And for our shoes are black (any type of shoes we don't have an specific kind)

When I am done putting on my uniform I got to my mirror to apply my make up. But I don't really use a lot. The most I use is mascara, eyeliner , and lipstick/ gloss. But when I get a mountain on my face I use concealer.

I turn on my blow dryer and when all of my hair is dry I turn it off. And since my hair is naturally wavy/ curly I just brush it with my fingers . I grab my phone, and my school purse. I check what time it is 7:45 am. I look at my self one las time before I head down stair.

"Good morning honey" my mom greets me from the kitchen I sit on the table and my mom puts a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front of me.

"Thanks mom " I smile to her

"Hey honey do you know where is mason?"

"Probably getting ready for school or maybe he still in bed?"

"Could you please go tell him to get down stairs breakfast is getting cold?"

"Sure just one sec"

I take my last bite of my pancake and I drink all my milk I take my plates and put them in the sink.

I go upstairs and I knock on mason's door

"Who is it?"

*mason opens door*

"It's me remember me ? Well mom says to get down stair cuz breakfast is getting cold"

"Haha, okay I'll be down in a sec"

*mason grabs his school bag and put his arm around me*

We reach down stairs

"Oh good! You are ready!" My mom says

"Ya well we gotta get to school or we are late!"

"But! I haven't eat breakfasts!" Mason whines

I grab an apple and a juice box and I give it to mason

"You can eat it on the way"

"Ugh fine"

We grab our bags and head to masons car. I get into the passengers sit and drive to school.

But our school isn't like normal schools. My school is a school who is only into arts so if you knew how to sing, dance or act or play an instrument. 'WELCOME TO CAMP' I made it to the school because I love to sing and dance . And over the summer I got rid of my stage fright.

Mason parks the car and we get out

"Have a good day sis" mason hugs me

"Thanks you too" i smile and I hug him back

First day of school here we gooooo!

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