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Hi I'm Reagan , I'm 18 and I'm very shy. Right now I'm currently in tour with magcon and part of O2L. I'm single. (Probably forever haha). I love to skateboard and penny board. I play soccer , basketball , volleyball , i cheerlead , and play violin and guitar. I also LOVE to sing all my fitness tell me I'm a good singer but I think I suck. I have bright blue eyes and long brown hair . I'm 5'8 and I LOVE giraffes and I wear skinny jeans and joggies all the time.


1. the girl (ash)

Ashton's p.o.v

"RUN" Luke screams I have no idea why but then the screams get louder . I turn and I see thousands of fans Our way. I Turn around and start to run I don't see any of the guys . I turn the corner and I'm pulled into a dark ally and someone covers my mouth the fans pass and the person let's go I turn around and see Calum. "Calum what the hell! I thought you were gonna kidnap me". "Oh yeah your welcome . I so could have let you get trapped but I didn't. Welcome" "shut up" I reply "and thanks" I mumble "what was that? "Cal asks "thanks " I say more hear able this time "that's what I thought " he replies "don't be Smart with me boy... Wait I think the screams are coming back hide "

We all get down when a group of guys and some girls come in the ally and screaming fans run passed the ally . I'm about to speak when I see this beautiful girl . She notices me

Staring and blushes "h-hey my name is Reagan " she says "that's a beautiful name I'm Ashton" she giggles . Well this will be I fun night .

about an hour later I go up to the whole group and say "hey I'm Ashton an that's my band , Luke Mikey and Calum we are five seconds of summer who are you " right when I ask that question I see my .....

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