Never Mess With Us

Me and My brother, Harry. We are called The Bad styles in our school, we have a group of friends, Louis, Zayn,Liam, Niall, Linsday, Gemma, Kate. Oh and I forgot My name is Ellie.


7. X Factor

  It was 4:00am in  the morning and I was the one to wake everyone up so This is how it went.  

Harry: I went into his room and grabbed a pillow and wacked his head with it,

"C'mon sis Let me sleep,"  He said

"Ok youmhave a choice, you either go to sleep and not be famous or get up and have a chance to be famous? This is your only chance on becoming famous,''  I said 

"Ok fine fine,"  He said


"Niall I got Nandos!!"  I yelled


"I will get it for you when we leave," I said

"What you lied to me?"  He said begining to cry 

"Yea I did now get up or Ill will grab you by your ear and pull you down  the stairs!"  I yelled 

"IM UP GEEZ!!"  Niall said

"Hey Niall help me wake Liam and Zayn up!" I whispered

ok lets go,"  


We got on the bed and staarted singing and jumping and then Liam was up and started laughing and mumbled

"You gotta love Ellie," 

"Why are you waking me, I need my beauty sleep,Do I look beautiful yet?" Zayn said

"Yea you are very beautiful now get up!"  I said

"Ok fine," He said

Now its time for lou now this is going to be easy

I went into his room and gave him a kiss on his cheek and he immdently woke up,

"What who did that?"  He asked

"It was me now get up and get ready for the audition today!'' 

"can I have one more kiss?" He asked

As I leaned in I was inches away from his lips and said

"not until you get dressed," I said as he did a pouty face he is such a kid.

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