Never Mess With Us

Me and My brother, Harry. We are called The Bad styles in our school, we have a group of friends, Louis, Zayn,Liam, Niall, Linsday, Gemma, Kate. Oh and I forgot My name is Ellie.


5. The Perfect date

  It was 5:45 and I am so excited, I finally get to date the man of my dreams, You gotta say that he has a great sense of humor and a good personality and for a bonus he is so handsome.. It was 5;50 and he said he will be here in about 5 minutes and I went downstairs and I ran into Harry.

"Where are you going all dressed up young lady," He asked

"Ok first of all, Dont call me young lady again and second of all you dont need to know,"  I said 

"I can call you anything I want and Tell me now!"  He yelled

"Well you are not my father so move so I can go," as soon as I said that Louis was here.

"Oh no you are not going out with him you are staying home!'  He saud grabbing my arm

"Let me go!"  I said as I pulled away to loosen his grip and soon let go.

I walked to the car rolling my eyes>

"why are you rolling your eyes? Is it because of me?"  He asked 

"No its because Harry, He thinks that he is the boss of me even if he is like 5 minutes older,"  I said 

"Oh Well lets go I  have a surprise for you,"  Louis said

 "what is it?" I asked

"Its called a surprise for a reason,"  Louis said smiling 

"Ok How long is it to get there?"  I asked

"20 Minutes,"  He said as bhe keot his eyes on the road as he put his hand on my knee. 

  We arrived at a park and I saw a piano ith rose petals on and on the side of the piano.  He opened the car door and helped me out and he held my hand and helped me to get to sit on the piano.  He sat down on the chair.  he started to play a song that everyones knows, All Of Me by John Legend.  He sang it very well, I didnt know he could sing.  After he finished I clapped.  

"You are are a very good singer,"  I said

"Thanks, Can you sing?"  Louis asked 

"a little I sing in the shower and when I get ready,"  I said 

"Sing for me!"  Louis said

"WHat do you want me to sing?"

"Stay With Me!' LOuis said ans he played the begin to play the song. After I sang it he clapped as loudly 

"You are amazing!"  Louis said 

"Thanks, But you are better!"  I said 

"How is that possible you are WAY better!" Louis said 'Lets go eat!" As he skipped away to the food with a bunch of candles and rose pedals surrounding it.  

  We stayed for a long time, We watched the sunset and the stars, He then faced me.

" I love the way your eye twinkles when you speak, I love how you are you and not trying to be someone else, I love the way you smile laugh and talk, You are perfect in every single way, I am one lucky guy to have you as my girlfriend,  When you walk by by heart skips a beat.  I would do anything for you, I love you and all your little things You are irresistible,"  Louis said 

  I started tearing up no one ever said that to me 

"Ok now you are making me cry, no one said that to me,"  I said tearing up

"Well I am glad to be the first one to say it," Louis said as he gave me a kiss on my nose.  It was 9;00, Harry is probably freaking out.

"Louis I better get going Harrys gonna kill me," Ill see you tomorrow at starbucks at 9:00am?"

"Ill be there,"  Louis said as he got everything togather.  He went to open the door to let me in.  I fell instantly in the car.  I felt Louis carry me to bring me to my room, He laid me down and said I love you and tucked me in.  

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