Never Mess With Us

Me and My brother, Harry. We are called The Bad styles in our school, we have a group of friends, Louis, Zayn,Liam, Niall, Linsday, Gemma, Kate. Oh and I forgot My name is Ellie.


2. new student!

Ellie's POV

I went to my first class,Science.  The teacher Mrs Collins, She is pretty nice and all but if you get on her bad side, It ain't pretty.  

"Welcome class, Im Mrs.Collins, Ill be your Science teacher this year.' Mrs.Collins said 'Ok so I would like to know something about you guys and your names so lets start on You ellie and when you are done call on someone else," 

"My name is Ellie Styles, I love fashion and Music, I pick Harry," I said smiling

"My name is Harry styles and yes I am Ellies brother, I love singing,I pick Louis," Harry said 

It took 20 minutes to get through all through the class.  RiNNNGG!! Now it is time for Drama class, My favorite class.  It has all of my friends in that class.  The teacher Mr.Nick is the best teacher ever. 

"Stacy!"  "Here!"  "Zayn" "Here" Ellie" "here"  As he went through all the names I was just talking to all of my friends.

"Heyy Harry who is going to be the new girlfriend this week?" I asked

"What makes you ask that? "  Harry said

"Oh I dont know maybe I saw you kiss the head cheerleader,  Alexis,'' I said 'why did you pick her?"

"I dont know she is just so pretty,"  Harry said

"So Lou How are you and El working out?" 

"Well you see Ells, me and El are in a fight right now," Louis said 

"Why? What happened?"  I asked 

"Ill tell you after class,"  Louis said 

"Ok class Im Mr.Nick, We will be starting off to do the play Romeo and Juliet, I already picked out the main characters and they are going to be Ellie and Louis,  The rest of you are going to be in charge of the props, lighting, sound effects so pick your stations wisely, ok get started," Mr. Nick said 

   I went to Mr.Nick to get the script. Until I get pulled into a closet.

"Who did that?" I yelled

"Its me shhh."  Louis said as he turned the light on

:Ok why did you pull me in the closet?" I asked

"I told El something I shouldn't have,"  Louis said'

"What?" I asked

"I told her that  I liked someone else,"  Louis said

"Who is it?"  I asked

"Its you,"  Louis said My eye were wide, I didn't know he liked me , He didn't give me any hints about it.  I'm going to tell you a little secret,  2 years ago when Louis and Eleanor got together, I got a little jealous, I had a tiny crush on him.

"Me, Why?"  I asked

"I dont know maybe because you are beautiful, you have a sense of humor,"  Louis said 

"I am flattered but what about El?"  I asked 

"Oh and I forgot to tell you, I broke up with her,"  LOuis said 

"You broke her heart just for me why?"  I asked

"She doesn't have a sense of humor Her personality is horrible, She doesn't laugh at my jokes like you do, so  I will you go out with me?" Louis asked 

"Uhh I don't know what Harry will say about it," I said 

"t worry about him, but Please go out with me?"  Louis said with puppy dog eyes 

"How can I say no to that, of course!'  I said as he pulled me into a kiss until a person came into the room ].



Hey guys sorry for the short chapter but I hope you guys are enjoying this story 



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