Never Mess With Us

Me and My brother, Harry. We are called The Bad styles in our school, we have a group of friends, Louis, Zayn,Liam, Niall, Linsday, Gemma, Kate. Oh and I forgot My name is Ellie.


11. More and more popular!!

Harrys POV 

It was morning on a Monday, which sucks, I got up looked into the mirror did my famous hair flip that everyone loved at school and walked downstairs and saw Ellie sitting down eating pancakes on her phone.

"Is there some left for me?"  I asked

"Nope I ate the last bit of it" Ellie said 

"Wait there was only 3?"  I said

'No Emma and Jack had two"

"Uh what am I going to have?" I asked 

"You can have the rest of mine!" My 3 year old sister Emma said behind me

"I can, Yessss!" I said as I looked down and saw that the plate was empty

"You got to be kidding me!" I yelled

"You can finish mine,"  Ellie said 

"Thank you,"  I said as I took a bite I spit it out 

"What was in that!" I said 

"I put salt and pepper on it, you better look at your food before you eat it!''  

'Oh thats it!!'' I said as I was running towards her, bu we ran into our mom telling us to get ready.

Ellies POV

I went up stairs and decided to dress up today so I put on a crop top and a high waisted shorts with a plaid shirts tided around my waist. 



I curled my hair a little and put a bandanna in my hair and put make up on.

I went downstairs and ran into Louis.

"Hey babe!"  I said as I gave him a kiss.

"Hey, are you ready?"  He asked 

"Yup oh and dont forget you have practice for x factor at six so be ready"  I said 

""  He said laugh

"ha ha so funny, lets go!"  I said

"What about Harry"? Louis said

oh Yeah.....HARRYY COME ON WE ARE LEAVING, HURRY UP!!"  I yelled too Harry 

"Im coming geez!" He said

~At School~

Nialls POV 

We got to school and everyone was looking at us and came running to us asking us questions

"OH MA GOD! What was it like being on tv?" Chelsea asked

"You should let me go on tv with you next!"

"Students get back to class or detention for all of you!" Mrs.Crawford said

"So how was X Factor?" She asked we just left her standing there

We walked into class and everyone was staring, we were used to it. Another part of are clique came up to us, they were Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton, they're a band, they have a concert every Friday night, they are also popular but not as popular as all of us.

ELLIE ELLIE!!" Oh great the newspaper geeks are here

"Yea what do you want?" I said

"Can we have a interview so we can put on the school newspaper?"

"Sure whatever." I said I can be mean at times but if I only want to which is like once in a blue moon.

We all sat on a couch answering questions

"So harry how was it like being on X factor?" As the reported looked up Harry was making out with a cheerleader

"HARRY! Focus! Now!" I said

"Does it look like I want to be here?" He said

"Just answer a couple of questions and then you could go back making out with Linsdey, no wait that's Ashly no that's Hannah."

"You made out with Lindsey AND Ashley and you said I was your first!" Hannah said

"Call you after?" Harry said

"Ok" she said as she winked and left

"Wow she even forgives you!" I said laughing

~skip the interview~

We all went separate ways. I went to math.ugh Harry went to gym, Louis went to english. Zayn went to chorus.  Niall was in my class and Liam went to World History.

Harry POV 

While i was running everyone was crowded by people.

"Harry you think you are so cool that you were on tv,"  a guy ran up to me and said

A guy that I would never have to worry about, Ellie's ex boyfriend, Blake. He abused her everyday.  

"Blake go away just leave or else," I said

"Or else what, you going to punch me, go right ahead," Blake said as leaning towards me pointing where to punch him

I just stood there looking at him.  He laughed.

"Oh now you are all shy and not going to punch me you know you want to after what I did to your sister, you know you want to punch me again or are you a wimp,"  He said 

"Just leave" I said

"No i want to start a fight." He said as he ran up to me and punched me in the face and I punched him straight back.  The teachers came running up and broke the fight up  I had a black eye and a cut lip and there is bruises all over my faces he only had a bruise on his cheek.  They called Ellie down to bring me to the nurses office I know she is in class but I really want to see her plus she is my sister and I only trust her an my friends.

Ellies POV

I got called down to the gym to bring Harry to the nurse why couldn't the teachers bring him.

"Harry what happened?" I asked as I saw Blake walk by as he winked at me and smiled 

"You stupid ex boyfriend wanted to start a fight" He said

"Tell me you did not hit him first!" I said

"No but he wanted to but I just stood there until he ran up to me and punched me so I punched him back."  He said

We were at the Nurses office and I asked if i could clean his face up because I still wanted to talk to him.  It took about 10 minutes and he put a Ice pack on his eye.  After I had to leave to go to last period, Harry decided to stay I told him I could stay with him at the nurse but he said I could leave.

Harrys POV 

I was just sitting there and I beautiful girl with long brown straight hair with emerald green eyes and dimples walked in and sat down, and knowing me I have to start a conversation with.

"Are you okay?"  I asked smiling

"Yea i just have a headache," She said smiling 

"Whats your name, love?" I asked

"Kate, yours?" She said

"Harry, Harry styles" I said laughing she laughed to

"Weren't you on X factor yesterday?" Kate asked

"Yea I was so was my friends, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall." I said

"That's cool,"  Kate said

"So can I have your number so we can hang out on Friday?" I said trying to be smooth

"Sure!" Kate said

I think shes a keeper I thought as she handed me her phone number.




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