Never Mess With Us

Me and My brother, Harry. We are called The Bad styles in our school, we have a group of friends, Louis, Zayn,Liam, Niall, Linsday, Gemma, Kate. Oh and I forgot My name is Ellie.


12. He is really serious!?!

Ellies POV 

We were getting ready to go to the studio to practice there songs to do Simon wanted to make a band up and he thought that they should be in a band together.  

They were practicing we are kids in a america and Harry showed up with a girl .

"Harry, you were suppose to be here 30 minutes ago, and who is she?" I said 

"First of all she is Kate and we went to get ice cream" He said

"I thought that x factor and singing was important and you would not be late!" 

"It is whats your problem we have an hour left and I think thats a lot of time to practice one song." He said

"The thing is I want to go somewhere in the future because i want you to get whatever you want you are my older brother and I love you, you are the best big brother ever I could not ask for a better brother, and i wanted you to know that because you always push me aside when all your friends are over like Im just not there you ignore me and it hurts, we have no parents they left us remember you have to take care of your little sister but you are always hanging with your friends and won't include me in," I said as tearing up 'i set this up so I can hang out with you and I know how much you love singing,'"

"Aww I did not know that you felt that way, Im so sorry I did not pay attention to you I promise i will be a better brother," He said as he came and gave me a hug 

Everyone started clapping and cheering.

"We have to get started ok, Harry you sing the first four lines then niall next four and then zayn next five and liam you do the chorus then Louis the verse after the chorus and then Harry the next verse and then all of you sing the chorus and then zayn the verse after the chorus and then you all sing the next verse but Harry sings the last line ok?" I said

"Yes ma'am!" They said all in unison

After they sang and practiced there parts they did amazing job!

A/N Hey sorry this is short but i did already published one today so i did publish two i hoped you like it and I hoping i can start writing my other movella tomorrow or the day after that 

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