Never Mess With Us

Me and My brother, Harry. We are called The Bad styles in our school, we have a group of friends, Louis, Zayn,Liam, Niall, Linsday, Gemma, Kate. Oh and I forgot My name is Ellie.


14. first ever performing as a band

Ellies POV

It is the first day for the competition for the boys.  Same as yesterday Louis was being rude and he was being rude to me all day before the competition and I had it.

"Louis I know its only been two days of you being rude to me and I just had it but just stop we are over Im done with you I can't take it anymore go find another girl and get in the car now," I said as I walked away 

Louis POV

What have I done I never meant to go this far for her to break up with me its all part of the plan ill have to say sorry.

We got in the car and Ellie was right in front of me and I tapped on her shoulder.

"Im so sorry I never meant to hurt you can you please forgive me," I said

"I don't know Ill have to think about it," she said

On the car ride there it was really awkward, no one was talking, Liam was just looking out the window Harry was driving and Niall was in the passengers seat.  So to break the awkward silence.

"Are you guys nervous?"  I asked no one answered 

"Ahem," I said no one answered me 

"AHEM!" I yelled a little bit louder 

"Oh sorry sis could not hear you, What is it?" Harry asked

"never mind," I said as I just stared at the window, this is going to be fun.

we got there with 5 minutes to spare they ran into there dressing rooms and ran backstage and they made it just in time. 

They were singing We're the Kids in America, they did amazing. On the times before when they performed, I usually wait backstage but I didn't I text ed Harry that I was in the car don't worry his phone is in the dressing room.  

Harrys POV 

We all walked off stage and we usually see Ellie waiting for us backstage but she isn't there, I went to the dressing room and I checked my phone and she texted me saying she was in the car.

We all went to the car and saw that the window was broken and she wasn't in there but there was a note saying:

Should not have punched me back and made me get suspended loser 

now I got your sister and you have no idea where she is, and you can't find her 

if you call the police or you try to find us she will be gone, so don't even bother 

looking for her unless you want her to be gone, 



P.S you were off key when you sang.


I don't understand why he is doing this he wanted me to punch him back.  We have to find her.  The story behind Blake was when me and my sister were very young, we met Blake at the Park, we were like 7 and we always wondered, we were walking into the woods and we followed the path we found and it lead to a abandon log cabin we decided to make a friendship club or something and we have been friends since we were 15 but it went all downhill when Ellie and Blake went out for a year and I found out that he was abusing her, so I  beat him up and I never saw him again he switched schools because his mum did not want to see us.  2 years later he switched backed because his dad had a job over here. Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn were Blake's friends but they ditched him after what happened with Ellie so thats how we met.  

Louis POV

I should have did that plan, now I can not see her.  All my plans always get ruined

"How are we going to get her back?" I said

"I don't know call the police and try to find her," Zayn said

"Wait what how did you meet?" Niall asked

"We were at the park and we met and we went into the woods and we found this log cabin and thats where we had our friendship club," Harry said 

"Wait maybe he went there," Louis said

"Lets try his house first," I said

"Why he is obviously not going to be there," I said

"We can just  try, you never know," I said

"ok lets go and call the police and tell them to meet us at 56 oakwood street, " i said 

We got there and the police were already there,

:Hello Im Officer John, do you know where they are?" He said 

"We think they are here or at a abandon log cabin  in the woods near the state park," Harry said 

"Lets check here first," He said

Harry and I went to the log cabin and we heard yelling we told zayn to tell the police where to go.

We went to the side of the house to look into the window we saw Ellie on the ground with blood on her and Blake yelling at her I cant stand seeing her like this.

Ellies POV

"Your brother got you in so much in trouble!" He said slapping me in the face as i felt something wet dripping down my face i looked down and saw a pile of blood. I looked at the window and saw Harry and Louis. 

"Look at me when Im talking to you!" He yelled  I looked at him straight into a face with a pale bloody face.

"You are going to do whatever I say or something bad is going to happen to you ok?" He said

"Just let me go pleasee, " I  said as soon as I said that he was punching me in the face and kicking my side as hard as he can then he heard a knock on the door.

"Stay there!" He yelled  I was laying there wincing in pain with blood dripping off my lips breathing heavily, seeing 2 of everything i could not even try to get up my sides really hurt.  I lifted up shirt so see all the cuts and bruises. How am I going to tell Louis, He will freak out.  Blake came back and picked me up and ran out and put me in his trunk.

"Please let me go,"  I tried screaming but nothing could come out as he shut the trunk and got into the drivers seat and started to drive but  he crashed into something, I heard the triunk pop open and I saw a person and bright light surrounding him that hurt my eyes and picked me up and hugged me really tight, I don't know who it is but who cares Im safe, I saw them putting me in ambulance truck and the same guy was sitting next to me holding my hand tightly  and another guy was on the other side.  All of a sudden everything went black and everyone was screaming.

~The next day~

Eliies POV

I woke up to someone holding my hand and an IV on my wrist.

"Ellie you are awake!" Someone said everything is blurry 

"I can barely see, who are you?" I said

"Im Harry your brother," He said


About 15 minutes i could see, I saw Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam.  The doctor said we could leave, Harry brought me clothes.

We all got home and just laid down and watched tv and one by one we started to sleep and now one stayed up until the end of the movie.

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