Never Mess With Us

Me and My brother, Harry. We are called The Bad styles in our school, we have a group of friends, Louis, Zayn,Liam, Niall, Linsday, Gemma, Kate. Oh and I forgot My name is Ellie.


1. first day as a junior.

Ellie's POV

Its the first day of school and I'm a junior and so is my brother. I decided to wear a plain t shirt with shorts and a Red flannel around my waist with some white converse. I straightened my hair and put on make up. I went downstairs to see my mom making pancakes, my favorite. Harry was wearing a white t shirt with some skinny black jeans.

"Hey Sis, excited for school?" He asked


"Why not, you get to see all your friends" he said

"Yea but the learning part is not my thing," I said laughing

"Yea it's not my thing, hurry up and eat, Liam is almost here to pick us up," he said

"Ok," I said while eating

5 minutes later

"Come on sis, he's here!" Harry yelled

"Alright, Alright I'm coming," I yelled

I was walking to the car and sat next to Zayn and Louis.

"Hey Ellie you look pretty hot today,". Louis said

"Hey paws off my little sister," Harry said

"Harry just because you were born 5 minutes before me doesn't mean your the boss of me," I said smiling

"Uh yea it does,". Harry said

"Ugh whatever," I said

"So Zayn how was your summer?" I asked

"Not so great,". Zayn said

"Why you say that?"

"Perrie..umm....broke up with me,". Zayn said

"Aww its okay, don't be sad, there's more girls out there that would be lucky to be your girlfriend,". I said

"We are here, let's go,". Liam said

We walked to the school and everyone i mean everyone came up to us.


A\N. This is just a introduction so Ill update very saturday!

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