A Fairy's Heart

Hey guys! So this is my first Fairy Tail fanfic! *Yayy!*
Three years have passed since Eclipse was open and Natsu and the others defeated the dragons. Now Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and the rest of Fairy Tail must defend against their toughest opponent of them all.


3. Waking

*Lucy's POV*

After I had felt someone's hand squeeze mine, I knew that I wasn't dead. What was I? How did I get to feeling like this? I tried to open my eyes, but it was as if they had been locked shut. I shoved all of the energy I had left in my body into my hand, and flexed my fingers. I heard a small gasp, and Wendy's voice floated into my ears.

"Natsu!" I heard

Natsu? He was here? He was going to kill me. Maybe I shouldn't have moved at all. My energy completely drained, darkness over came my vision, and I fell asleep, and heard nothing more.

*Natsu's POV*

Wendy's voice carried out to me. I turned around, seeing her in the doorway of the guild, a smile lighting up her small face.

"What?" I called, realizing to late how rude that sounded. I didn't care at the moment.

"It's Lucy!" She cried, and my whole body stiffened

"Yeah what about her?" I asked

"She's moving!" Yelled Wendy

"What?" I ran back towards the guild, and sat down next to Lucy again.

"She appears to be sleeping. For now." Said Carla smiling slightly

I could tell. Lucy's breaths were slower, less forced.

I cried with relief.

"Na...tsu..." Said a weak voice.

I looked up, and saw Lucy smiling at me, her eyes half closed.

I cried, hugging her so tightly that she gasped a little, but after a second, she was hugging me back.

"He llllllllikes her!" Said Happy slyly

"Oh shut it cat." Said Lucy smiling

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