A Fairy's Heart

Hey guys! So this is my first Fairy Tail fanfic! *Yayy!*
Three years have passed since Eclipse was open and Natsu and the others defeated the dragons. Now Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and the rest of Fairy Tail must defend against their toughest opponent of them all.


4. The Kiss

*Lucy's POV*

I hugged Natsu, and smiled against his shoulder. "Thanks, Wendy." I said, breaking away from Natsu, and hugging her.

"It was no problem, actually," She said, blushing a little

"For me it was!" I said, laughing.

"Aah, I see the blond chick is awake." Said a gravely voice from the guild entrance.

"Laxus." Said Natsu coldly, "C'mon Lucy, let's take you home." He grabbed my wrist, and pulled me outside.

"Natsu!" Said Happy

"Yes Happy?" Asked Natsu turning around.

"I'm gonna go back home. Leave you two, alone...." He said giggling, his paws over his mouth.

"Shuddup cat!" I yelled

*Natsu's POV*

I was so happy that Lucy was okay, and relieved that she had recovered so quickly. She slung her arm over my shoulder as she began to lose balance on the uneven stone ground.

"Watch out!" I said grinning from ear to ear.

"Which way is your apartment?" I asked.

"Really?" Lucy yelled playfully, "You can find it just fine without my help! You do it all the time!"

"True," I said, scratching my head, "But I seem to have forgotten..."

Lucy punched my arm lightly, then pointed in the direction of her apartment.

*Lucy's POV*

I didn't know why Natsu needed directions to my apartment, I mean, he practically lived there!

In a few minutes, we had arrived in my apartment, and Natsu pulled me in for another bear hug. I smiled and hugged him back. When we finally pulled apart, Natsu slipped his hands down to my hips, and looked at me intently.

"What?" I said blushing, licking my lips.

"Nothing," He said, "I'm just happy you're okay."

And with that, he leaned closer to my face.

My eyes widened as he leaned in closer, his eyes closed, a slowly placed his lips on mine. I gasped a little, surprised by what had just happened, but as he didn't break away, I felt the urge to kiss him back, and I did.

I felt him smile, and then he forced my mouth open, and slipped his tongue inside my mouth. He tasted warm and dark, and I loved every second of it. I slipped my hands around his neck, forcing the kiss to get more passionate.

*Natsu's POV*

She was warm and soft, and I loved how our two bodies fit together so perfectly. I had longed for this day to come for so long, and now that it was finally here, I enjoyed and adored every little second of it.

She dug her hands into my hair, forcing me closer. I laughed, and she giggled. I was sorry when we broke apart, not wanting our moment to end, ever.

"Wow." Said Lucy, grinning wildly, "I didn't know you could do that."

"Neither did I." I said, also smiling.

"Hey Natsu,"

"Yeah Lucy?"

"I'm really tired, would you be offended if I went to bed now?"


"Okay, good," She said

Lucy walked over to her bed and later down under the blankets. She was asleep in five minutes.

I sat down next to her and brushed a lose strand of hair out of her face.

"Goodnight, Lucy." I whispered.

Hey guys!!!! I loved writing this chapter! YAY NALU!!!

Don't kill me Nali shippers! That's all for now, I hope you love this chapter! Bye my lovely guild mates!!


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