A Fairy's Heart

Hey guys! So this is my first Fairy Tail fanfic! *Yayy!*
Three years have passed since Eclipse was open and Natsu and the others defeated the dragons. Now Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and the rest of Fairy Tail must defend against their toughest opponent of them all.


2. Pain

*Natsu's point of view*

"What the hell happened Gray?" I demanded as he placed Lucy on one of the wooden guild tables.

"I don't know." He said looking down at Lucy's unconscious body. Wendy ran over to where we all were and placed her hands over Lucy's heart, a soft blue glow coming from her magic. After ten or do minutes, I started pacing around the guild.

"What the hell?" I yelled, "why isn't she awake yet?"

"Natsu, calm down!" Said Happy


"Natsu!" Said Carla sternly "Wendy is doing her best!"

Mira turned to face Gray, "did you see what could have done this to her?" She asked calmly

"I don't know..."said Gray, burying his face in his hands "oh god, help us."

*Lucy's P.O.V.*

I can't see anything... There is only nothingness. I can hear distant voices but I can't make out the words, they're so distant.... Yet, so familiar.

*Natsu's POV*

"Gray!" I yelled, turning to face Gray, "what was your mission?"

Gray looked up, his face white,"it was a mission to defeat this bandit and...and we did, but Lucy, but Lucy..." He broke down. Mira rubbed his back and I turned away, walking towards Wendy and Carla.

"Is she getting any better?" I asked

"I'm so sorry Natsu, but she isn't." Wendy said, tears in her eyes, "I'm really sorry." She looked down.

"It's fine." I said smiling a crooked smile. I sat down next the Lucy's head. Her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. Her breathing was ragged and fast. I grasped her hand. "C'mon Lucy." I said, I squeezed her hand, and got up from my seat. "I'm going." I walked out the door.

"Wait! Natsu!" called Happy, and I stopped long enough to let him catch up to me.

Waaaah!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 I'm crying! Bye my guild mates


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