Unknown Love Until The Very End

The war is over, people are getting back to normal. It is Tom RIddle's Funeral and no one showed up at all. Only one person showed up a few minutes later, the one and only there could make Tom's ghost confused in the end. He finds out a secret he didn't know, a secret hidden for years until the very end. (Warning: BoyxBoy. Pairings: Tomarry (TomxHarry) )


1. Funeral

It was raining, no one were around the grave as the coffin were getting down in the ground. Only the priest stood there, with his bible in hand, but not a word was spoken from the priest lips.

The tomb-stone, only the name and the age from when the person was born till the person had died. The rain was getting heavier, the priest walked away as soon the last bit of dirt had been held on top at the grave.

From a ghost side, this was maybe the saddest thing there could happen. No one was there to wish him a goodbye, no one cried, no one made time to be at his funeral.

He would leave this earth, unloved just like the time he were born.

Who would love him anyway? No one would, because no one knew him truly.

He took his time, only his gaze were on the tomb-stone. It’s not like he had expected something big, with all the Death Eaters gone, who would even show up to such thing?

Tom Marvolo Riddle took a last glance at his tomb-stone, knowing that he had done terrible things in life. People blame him, but he didn’t really regret it. He got the power he had wished, he got the fellows who followed him right to their deaths. Now, Tom were alone.

As his spirit form turned, so he could leave. He stopped, as he heard footsteps nearby. His gaze went back again, someone in black clothes, black umbrella and a bouquet of roses held in the right hand. He noticed a woman underneath the umbrella, red long hair could be seen.

Oh, just another person to set flowers on a grave nearby maybe. Not that he needed to worry about that, it was a graveyard after all.

“Harry, I don’t like being here.” The female voice spoke out, Tom got their attention. The name of Harry recalled the memories so fast for him, it couldn’t be….could it?

“I already said Ginny, if you didn’t wanted to be here, it was fine. This is just something I need to do.” Harry explained, he had tipped the umbrella over to Ginny. Asking her to hold it, so she would be dry.

“He ruined your life Harry, why do you want to be here? Please, I want to understand why.” She whispered, as she looked around her. Graveyards have never been her favorite places, not after all the people she had lost in the war.

“Ginny, I want to do this for a reason none of you understand. You can go if you wish, wait outside the graveyard.” Harry told her, his green eyes locked with Ginny’s for a moment.

She could see that he meant it, so she just nodded as she stepped closer to him. She gave him the umbrella, where she peak his cheek softly. “I will just go home, Harry. Do be home soon alright? You know mum won’t be glad if you will be late for dinner, again. “She said softly, when Harry had made a node. She stepped back and apparated away, the sound echoed through the empty graveyard.

Tom noticed none other than Harry Potter himself, of course he could have told before. The name, that girl clinging onto him like a vampire who needs his blood meal. Why would Potter be here?

He saw Potter turned toward his grave, holding the bouquet of roses in his hand while he stepped closer. What was he doing? Tom’s curious side started to show up, even though he were invisible he got closer over to his grave. Oh well, he sat on top at it and stared at Potter right into his eyes.

“Yeah so…” Harry said, as his gaze had been on the roses.

“I guess you never expected, me, of all people to show up here.” Harry said low, his emerald eyes looked at the tomb-stone.

Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Born: 1926 Died: 1998.

He read the small text over and over, just until his mind had wrapped around the words he had wanted to say.

“You should know, Tom-“Harry said, as he knelt down in front at the grave. He placed the bouquet of roses on top at the grave, as he adjusted them for a moment. “You might have ruined my life, but I am not to blame you.” He said, as he hold the umbrella proper, so his back wouldn’t be all wet from the rain.

What?! Tom got off his grave, anger was into his eyes while he looked at Harry.

How dare he?! He should get the blame! For merlin’s sake! Why would Potter not blame him?!

If a spirit could hit someone, he would have slapped Potter across his face for saying that!

“I mean, a lot of people blame you. However, they didn’t know about your past. I did, so I can’t blame you Tom.” Harry whispered, he had held his hand to his glasses where he took them off for a short moment.

Was he wiping tears away? Oh come on Potter!

“You know, we got almost the same story.” Harry spoke with a lower voice, as he held his glasses on again.

“Your mother died when she gave birth to you, your father didn’t want you. So you needed to be an orphan like me, growing up between people who hated you too. See? It’s similar, because I went through the same thing.” Harry explained.

Same…thing? What were Potter talking about?!

“No one really know this Tom, only the Weasleys who is my close friends or family now.” Harry said, as he took a deep shakily breath. “When you…killed my parents, I was giving to my aunt and her husband. They are both muggles, they had a son too. Also a muggle, sorry I know you hate them.” He said, while he ran a hand through his hair.

“I grew up between them, unloved just like you. I grew up under the thoughts, that I was a freak and waste of space.” He whispered.

Tom had slowly knelt down in front at Potter, he tried to look up at his face, but Potter were hiding it to well for him.

“When I got my Hogwarts letter, which was the time I loved the most. I could get away, away from those who hurt me. I got friends, people who cared and…you.”

Him? What were Potter talking about?

“I know you don’t remember, but I know what happen and so did your diary.” Harry whispered, his emerald eyes looked at the grave again.

Tom could see the tears at the corner of Harry’s eye, why was he crying? Something at Tom’s spirit told him something, a feeling? Why did he want to comfort Harry?

He then saw Harry held something out from his pocket, it was the diary. Wait what?! It looked whole, almost untouched. That wasn’t what he had known, he thought it were destroyed long time ago.

“I kept your diary, I made a copy of it, which you learned me. Oh well, your diary-self taught me it.” Harry said, as he placed the diary down on top at the grave.

“I need to move on, Tom. I know you don’t remember, but I wanted you to know you helped me more than you hurted me. I’m glad for the time we had, the memories we shared too.” He whispered.

Again Potter held his glasses down, so he could wipe his eyes.

“I know roses were your favorite flowers, so I brought some here for you. I wanted to show my last respect and care, show that inside….” Harry cut off, as a sob had escaped his throat.

“Inside, I really loved you.” He whispered.

Shock got to Tom when he heard those words. He didn’t know how he should react, what was all this about? Potter must be lying!

He saw Harry wipe his face, getting his glasses on again where he stood from the grave. “I hope you get safe over on the other side, if you see my parents Tom. Please just tell them from that, that I am glad to have known you. But I never wanted them to die.” He whispered.

Tom had stood too, he were standing just in front at Harry. Seeing the eyes closed, as Harry made a moment to be silent.

Tom reached his hand out for Harry, he had placed it on Harry’s cheek. He saw the deep inhale mixed with a half sob, as he looked at Harry’s eyes opened again.

“Goodbye Tom, rest in peace.” Harry whispered, as he had held his wand out and pointed it at the grave.

A soft white light went out from Harry’s wand, it wrapped around Tom’s tomb-stone.

Tom turned, he looked at his tomb-stone and noticed some carvings slowly showed up underneath along with some snake symbols and roses around it.

He could then read it over as:

Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Born: 1926 Died: 1998.

The best friend and lover a person could wish for.

Rest in peace.

When Tom read the text, he felt something getting down at his cheek. His hand got to his cheek, he had touched the wetness and held his hand back to see. Tears?

Yes, this was tears. It wasn’t sad tears, no, it was happy tears.

He looked back at Harry, only to see the back of him as he walked away. The clouds had slowly vanished from the sky, the rain had stopped and the sun peaked out behind the clouds.

Harry had turned again, giving one last glance toward Tom’s grave.

The sight almost made him drop the umbrella, as his eyes got soft and watery again. He could see Tom, standing on top at the grave. Tears running down at his cheeks, while he had a happy smile toward Harry. Even his hands in his pockets, like always of the way Harry knew him.

He could see Tom mouthed to him, soft and gently.

I loved you too, Harry.

A cloud had blocked the sun, making the graveyard dark again. Harry saw Tom’s ghost disappeared along with the light. He smiled, knowing Tom would be a better place now.

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