Miracles in September

Who would have thought that a pair of vans would be someone’s faith? That vans could be the reason for two people’s love. Neither Brooklyn nor Ivy would have thought that but it turned out that way. Ivy wearing a pair of red vans made Brooklyn pull himself together and talk to her - with the help from Jordan and Zach, his best buddies. And Ivy’s friends trying their best to make the funniest out of their life in London using Ivy. How will their life in London even end?


2. Meet the characters

Ivy Nixon
Ivy is a person who is a bit clumsy yet still sweet and feminine.
She has the ability to make people wants to be friends with her
because of her welcoming personality and aura. 
She is indeed many boys's dream girl. 

Brooklyn Joseph Beckham
Brooklyn is the guy who every girl falls for, though he's not someone who falls easily for anyone. 
Of course he has flirted but who hasn't?
He is very caring, smart and nice and he sure got his handsome looks from his father. 

Ellie Hillary Harris
Ellie is the caring and cute girl.
She might seem as the innocent girl but when you get to know her she might be different. 
She is a person who thinks a lot about the other more than herself and she's always positive. 

Jordan Gray 
Jordan is the sarcastic and funny friend that everybody wants their boyfriend to be. 
He isn't afraid to say what's on his mind and he isn't afraid to say his opinion either. 
(even if they make people sad)

Katty (Kat) Victoria Luce
Katty - or Kat - is the funny friend who loves to have fun and be active. 
She can make everyone laugh just by saying the smallest thing.
You always feel happy when you're around her. 

Zach Collins
Zach - the opposite of Jordan - he is more the caring friend who wants everybody the best. 
He isn't afraid to show of his emotional side nor to cry. 
But when he is funny then he's really funny.




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