Miracles in September

Who would have thought that a pair of vans would be someone’s faith? That vans could be the reason for two people’s love. Neither Brooklyn nor Ivy would have thought that but it turned out that way. Ivy wearing a pair of red vans made Brooklyn pull himself together and talk to her - with the help from Jordan and Zach, his best buddies. And Ivy’s friends trying their best to make the funniest out of their life in London using Ivy. How will their life in London even end?


3. Chapter one : Her red vans

Chapter one 

Her red vans



Her red lips, her short golden brown hair and her little black clutch matched perfectly when she looked herself in the mirror. Finding herself decent she took a step back and looked at her outfit. She had some tight black jeans on which showed off her slim legs that was pulled up to her ankles and a white t-shirt that was covered with a black jacket. And most important; her red vans that matched her red lips which was her favorite thing of the outfit. Simple yet cute and pretty.

“Ivy, hurry up. We have to get there before every seat is taken!” Ellie yelled from the bathroom as she hurried out of the door to grab her bag.

“Relax, we have time,” Ivy answered and rolled her eyes as she sighed, smiling playfully to Ellie through the mirror as she put on her earrings.

A few days ago the three girls from a little town outside Brighton found a little local café in the middle of the town that sold the best coffee and hot chocolate ever. Feeling the need to go there again some other day they decided to go there saturday, probably the day where the most people would be there, of course.

“Are you guys ready yet?” Kat asked from the front door, ready to go but Ivy wasn’t quite ready yet. “Two seconds, I need my rings,” she said and hurried over to the make up table where her rings was put in a pastel purple box beside the mirror.

Five minutes later they were ready to go and off to the café they went.




“I can’t believe that you made us late… There’s no table for us!” Ellie complained and looked around on the street where hundreds of people went by with lots of shopping bags and a happy mood. “It wasn’t entirely my fault, Ellie. Kat was eating really slow!” Ivy fighted back and sighed when Kat shrugged and Ellie turned her back to her to look for a table.

And out of the corner of her eyes, Ivy could see a couple leave their table, making it free. “Guys! A table!” Ivy shouted and pointed to it and ran as fast as she could, afraid that someone would take it away from them in the last moment. When she was finally at the table and nobody had taken it from them, she heaved a sigh of relief and looked at the others who walked casually over to her. “This is great, Ivy,” Kat said and smiled before she sat down and placed her bag on the fourth chair nobody was supposed to sit on.

“You guys can go in and order, I’ll stay here and watch the table,” Ivy said and the other girls nodded as they walked inside the café and ordered what they wanted.

Meanwhile two streets away three boys were walking together, looking after girls or whatever they wanted to drink or buy. A typical Saturday for the three friends; Brooklyn, Jordan and Zach.

“She looked at me, I swear!” Jordan shouted and looked back at the pretty girl with the long legs and short skirt, that matched her short pink top. “I don’t get why you’re overreacting so much, Jordan… She looked like some kind of stripper,” Brooklyn said and kept walking without even thinking about looking back at the too slim girl with the almost fairy-like white hair.

“Besides, she wasn’t even that pretty…” he added and Jordan just shrugged, forgetting everything about the girl he had been so into just a few seconds ago. “Everyone has their own opinion,” Jordan mumbled but Brooklyn decided to just ignore him and keep walking. He knew for sure that Jordan was a bit grumpy now, he always turned grumpy when someone didn’t agree with him. That was one of his flaws and weaknesses.

Walking for some minutes finally reaching the street where Ivy, Ellie and Kat was they didn’t know whether to go straight, right or left. “I really want some shoes and they’re to the right,” Zach said and Jordan and Brooklyn just looked at him. “I don’t want to shop shoes,” Jordan complained and whined like a baby. “Guys, we can play paper, scissors, rock, okay?” Brooklyn said and looked around.

God, people must have thought that they were stupid. And as he looked around to see if any people looked weird at them he saw her. “Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3-” but Brooklyn was gone. He had gone straight without even bothering to tell the others. “Where did he go?” Zach asked and looked around in the crowd of people to look for his best friend.

“Brooklyn?!” Jordan shouted.

Brooklyn had gone to the direction of the café but stopped in his track when he realized what he was doing. He couldn’t just talk to her? How was he supposed to do? Would she find it weird?

“Dude, why did you leave?” Jordan asked when they had found and catched up with him. “Uhm, I-I’m sorry guys, I just thought I saw someone I knew,” Brooklyn lied and looked at the direction where she sat. Jordan and Zach looked the same way and found out why he had run away from them.

“So you saw a girl?” Zach asked and raised a brow while a smirk was plastered on his face. “Y-Yeah, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s go guys,” Brooklyn answered and was about to walk away once again when both of them pulled him back. “So you’re nervous?” Zach asked and was close to laugh but found it rude since Brooklyn looked very serious.

“Don’t be. Look, there’s no need to be-” but Zach was interrupted by Jordan, “You’re Brooklyn Beckham for god sake! Why in God’s name are you nervous?” Jordan shouted into his face and even though he was nervous he had to admit that Jordan had a point.

What could possibly go wrong? Before even thinking twice his feet started to move and he began to walk into her direction.

“It’s just an ordinary girl. No need to be nervous, Brooklyn. You’ve flirted with a lot of girls before, why so nervous now? Come on, you can do it,” Brooklyn spoke to himself in his head and before he knew it he was only standing to metres away. Suddenly, he couldn’t do anything but to stand and look at her. Fortunately, she hadn’t noticed him, yet, but she probably sometime. His heart started to beat faster and his breath became uneven. But why?

“Can I help you?” Ivy asked and Brooklyn widened his eyes when he realized that she spoke to him. “U-Uhm… I-I…” no words came out his mouth and Ivy couldn’t help it but to giggle.

She found him cute and if she wasn’t mistaken she somehow remembered his face from somewhere. Ivy raised a brow and looked at him with a smile, which he gladly returned. When he finally had pulled himself together, he spoke, “I like your shoes,” he said and Ivy looked at her red vans on her feet. “Thanks, they’re my favorite,” she answered and looked at his face again.

“Oh and my name is Brooklyn,” he said and reached out his hand for her to take it. And she did.

“Brooklyn as in-” she started out slowly and Brooklyn was fast to interrupt, “Yeah as in Brooklyn Beckham.”

“Oh, I was going to say as in the city but that’s impressive,” she said and he smiled to her, showing his eye smile. So that’s how she had seen him, the son of David and Victoria Beckham. How could she forget?

“What’s your name?” he asked. And right as he was finished asking for her name Ellie and Kat appeared in the door to the café and was about to head over for the table when they saw Ivy talking to a boy. A handsome one indeed. “Who’s he?” Ellie asked and looked at Kat with a weird expression.

“My name’s Ivy,” she answered and looked to her right when she heard someone cough. And as she had expected it was Ellie and Kat.

“Oh, and this is my best friends; Ellie and Kat,” she introduced and both said a quiet ‘hi’, which Brooklyn responded with a nod and a smile. And as they weren’t enough another cough was heard, just behind Brooklyn. “Oh right! This is Jordan and Zach,” Brooklyn said and nodded towards each one of them when he said their name.

“Nice to meet you guys,” Ivy said and took a quick look at Jordan and Zach.

Did there only live handsome guys in London? In Brighton - or actually outside Brighton - there weren’t anyone near the same handsome-level as theirs. It was amazing yet sad at the same time.

“Maybe we’ll see each other again?” Brooklyn said and looked at Ivy, forgetting about the other for a second before Jordan broke in, “Yeah, we could hang out sometime,” he said and looked at Ellie. But Ellie’s attention was on something else; her phone.

“I can give you my number and we can figure something out?” Ivy suggested and Brooklyn -
as cute as he is - quickly pulled his phone up from his pocket. When they were done exchanging numbers they quickly smiled to each other before the three boys turned around to walk away.

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