My Love My Enemy


1. truth or dare


   "After i met that guy, my lovely life turns chaos and upside down".


        That day was a disaster. One of my friends Hina asked me to join 'truth or dare game'. At first I rejected her offer but she kept begging me with her cute face. i just couldn't stand with it so i said " Okay, you can count me in". The game was running smoothly until my turn came. it was my mistakes to choose 'dare' over the 'truth' as my friend, Leo dared me to give a kiss on his friend's lips named Miza.


        I couldn't say no to his request and accept it even though this decision cost my first kiss. When his face came closer and closer, I closed my eyes and I could feel his lips touched mine. The sensation of his lips transferred to mine. Despite his cold looking eye, i knew that there was something  about him.....


When i opened my eyes, i found myself was lying in the infirmary bed. i don't know why so suddenly and how i could get here. Then, i saw my friend Hina sitting beside me with a terrified face. i asked her what happened.


   Hina : phew! you make me worry! but hey! you know what? after you fainted, Miza quickly carry you like a princess to the infirmary room. You have to see just how worry he is! *with her angry face


Oh wow! i don't expected that i would fall with just one kiss. maybe i was just shocked with it  



              >i'm sorry if my English are bad but please leave a feedback after you read my story ^_^

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