My Love My Enemy


3. school festival

  The school festival was just around the corner. Since i was the class representative, I had a lot of works to do. Miza also barely showed his face and it made my works harder. He only came once and then he vanished for the rest of the day. His irresponsible action made me mad. 


   On the festival day, my class held a cosplay cafe as the main attraction. I was forced to cosplay as an Angle. That costume was sexier than I thought. A lot of boys came to me and captured my picture without my permission. I could not stand then. Then, a Masked Demon came and save me. He covered me with his jacket. He held my hand and brought me to a store room near my class.  


 He whispered to me : I have captured you and you shall grant my wish. My wish is that you are    mine for today. * while kissing my hand*

                              Me : As you wish my dear Masked Demon....


I spend the rest of the day with him outside the school. I was so happy that I had forgotten about my school festival. A lot of people kept staring at us cause we forgot to take off our costumes. That day turned up really interesting for me. Before we apart, he asked me to close my eyes. When i opened my eyes, there were only a piece of broken masked and a folded note that was written 'i love you' in it.


*I was hoping that i could see him again and spend more time with him*   

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