My Love My Enemy


4. investigate

That  broken masked left such a deep impact on me. It made me lost focus on my work. I tried to investigate about him but i could not find any clues. When i was searching for the clue, my friend Hina so suddenly appeared in front of me.


She said : I think I have fallen in love with Miza and I want to confess my feelings to him. What do you think Mariya?


       She gave me such a shock. Somehow I felt such a great pain in my chest. As a friend, I encouraged her to confess her love to him. I also accompanied her to do so and she asked me to hide in the bushes near them so she would not feel nervous. When Miza appeared, my heart was pounding really fast as if I was the one who wanted to confess to him.Even I could hear the thump! thump! thump! noises that came from my heart.


       When Hina was confessing her love, Miza smiled and say "i love you to". I did not know why, there were tears rolling on my cheeks. i wiped my tears so Hina would not know that i was crying just now. 


        Later, I heard Leo's voice that was calling my name from my back. He came to me. He showed me a broken masked and told me that he was the Masked Demon. i could not believe him so i took out the piece of broken mask from my pocket and matched it with Leo's broken mask. Surprisingly, Leo was telling the truth??

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