My Love My Enemy


2. class representative

Miza was looking at me with his lovely eyes. He dashed towards me and grabbed me roughly.He kissed me passionately. Suddenly, i felt something was licking my lips. when i opened my eyes, it was my black cat and it was only a dream. I quickly got out of my bed and got ready to go to school. 


       That dream kept lingering in my mind. It made me lost my focus on my study. But then, my name was mentioned by my class room teacher.


Teacher: Mariya, you are going to be our class representative! since you have the courage to be daydreaming in my class. * Oh My God i hate my teacher the most!. *

Teacher: As for the male representative, i want someone to volunteer himself, just anyone will do......


 Later, Miza raised his hand and said " i volunteer myself teacher " while grinning at me. Just why would he do something like that. Was he trying to ruin my high school life??.


 >i'm sorry if my English are bad but please leave a feedback after you have read my story ^_^






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