Kiss me in the rain

Have you ever had this feeling your being watched.... I have this is my story oh by the way I'm Lily I've ran away from home I don't like talking about it but let's just say it was bad I've came here to find love


1. Seeing him

The tube train doors flew open ,me and half of London ,seemed to pour out of the train leaving it stranded on the platform. That was my first time on a tube and I hoped that would be my last ... ever! I felt like I was being buried alive. The moving staircase removed me from my near death experience and pulled me towards the blinding light that was painful for me to see. As I took my first steps in London there was a wall of sound coming from all directions: crowds of tourists, black taxi's hooting and there drivers arguing with each other, phones ringing all at the same time, my ears were buzzing with the loud volume consuming them into one  awful sound.

Looking around to see where people were headed, I decided to become a sheep just for today! So I decide to follow the crowd. The traffic around Trafalgar Square was manic, there wasn't just cars you had to dodge but also Boris bikes, they seemed to come at me from every angle. As I walked further, I came a cross a street that had vibrant colours and smells coming from restaurant windows, my taste buds were tingling. There were different foods from different countries. I was astonished! I think a few people saw my jaw drop at the sight of all this food it was mind blowing, which reminded me that I haven't eaten since dinner last night.

London is magnificent. A multi cultural place and is also a city that never sleeps. That's why London is the perfect place for me to hide out in especially when nobody sees me because I am invisible to fellow Londoners. I was walking in  Covent Garden  when a chilly breeze went though my delicate body sending shivers down my spine, so I decided to make my way to the flat I had rented to cozy up  for the night. 

I walked lazily back down Trafalgar Square half asleep to hear a deafening scream of a young girl, I sneakily went to investigate. I heard the scream again I was shocked at what I saw, by now I was fully awake, a tall dark bulky figure had a petite body in his arms the person lay extremely still  the figure slowly turned towards me, I wanted to run but my feet would not move, the thump of the figures feet were utterly terrifying as he came with in 6 feet of me I sprinted off expecting the person to follow but to my surprise there was nothing, the street is quiet ... A little too quiet for my liking. 

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