Only fools learn to love

5sos fanfic "Only fools learn to love, I'm just a dreamer looking for it." The struggle, the hurt and the pain that love later reveals, only gives you more ambition to love harder. But what if your torn between two. Who would you chose? The one that you love, or the one that loves you?


2. chapter 2

part 2 ( trigger warning)

Luke and I began to walk towards Ashton, still holding hands. But he turned away.

Luke looked a little confused but instead he ignored it. The same way I ignored Ashton earlier. Guilt began to flood my entire body, but I wasn't entirely sure. I slightly loosened my grip on Luke's hand but didn't let go completely. As we walked outside, the over growing crowd that was there only a few minutes ago, had now dispersed with only a few people hanging around outside. It was getting really late and we began to walk to your house.

"Hey, do you mind if I stay at your house tonight? It's just I..." Luke had interrupted me "Yes of course you can." And instead of walking down my street, we turned and walked down a dark alley way, which lead to his house. We both walked together, under the dark sky which was dimly lit by the moon, with our hands laced in one another's. It was pretty much the most romantic thing, but I was concentrated on other things.

Before, whenever I stayed at Luke's house, it was more like just hanging out. But tonight was different because we weren't 'just friends' it clearly had become more than that and things would eventually change.

As I made my way into his room, he had handed me one of his shirts, which I put on and it practically engulfed my petite frame because it was so big. We both climbed in his bed and he wrapped his arms around me. We just laid there in silence when Luke began singing and I slowly drifted off to sleep, in the comfort of his arms.


I was woken up by the sound of loud music blaring through the house. I realised I stayed at Luke's house as I awoke in a his room which had band posters on the walls and clothes on the floor.

The night before was pretty much a blur, and all I could remember was that Luke and I kissed. As for Ashton, he left me feeling guilty but I wasn't sure as to why.

I got up and decided to explore where the noise was coming from. I stumbled down the stairs, and made my way to the garage which the sound of the music became louder.

I entered only to find my 4 best friends rehearsing. Not everyone noticed me straight away but eventually all eyes are on me except Luke who was facing the back. As I lean against the door frame, I notice Ash stopped playing the drums, and soon Michael and Calum follow. I laughed at how unaware Luke as he plays his heart out, not noticing me in the room, as now it was only him playing.

Realisation hits him when he slowly turned to face me. I laughed again at how oblivious he was. He then slowly made his way towards me, with his guitar, and then he wrapped his hand around my waist and kissed me. I slightly blush as all the other boys were now staring, except ash. He was looking down at his feet.

I quickly pull away and see Calum and Michael both had a smirks across their face.

"Hey Luke, I've got to go home. I'm sure my parents are going crazy not knowing where I am." He seemed pretty cool about it so I started walking out the house and down the street; still wearing Luke's shirt. I pulled out my phone from my pocket only to find a text from Ashton.

Just as I was about to read it, I turned to face the person I had least expected. "Hey Ash. What you doing? You are supposed to be practicing for your gig tonight." I said, looking into his eyes as we both just stood there. "You promised..."

I gave him a slightly confused look, scrunching my eyebrows together. "What are you talking about?"

"You said... No you promised you would come see me" he said, his voice slightly raspy.

"Ohh I just got caught up with Luke and all. And it got really late so I stayed at his house." I explained.

"Of course, you were too busy snogging Luke." He was slightly angry. "Ash! What's the big deal. You know I like Luke, I have for a while" I said, looking up at him whilst his eyes were piercing through me. "Yh. I know. I just wanted you to know that... That I... That I love you" he said as he stepped closer to me, locking his eyes onto mine. I wasn't sure what's going on and this sudden feelings he was expressing caught me off guard. I decided to look away from Ash, as all his emotions were too hard to understand. Instead I looked away trying to focus on something else, when something caught my eye. I reached down and grabbed his hand as I notice small cuts hidden by his wristbands. Fresh cuts. "Ash? Why did you do this?" I ask and turn to face him. "I did it because of you." Those few words made my heart stop beating and sent my emotions in a whirlwind. My legs weakened underneath my body whilst guilt had now flooded my entire body and I wish I hadn't have been so oblivious to his emotions.

He pulled his arm away before placing it upon my cheek. He now had no emotion in his eyes and we just stood there in silence however his silence said a thousand words. I knew exactly how Ashton felt because I had felt the same way only the night before.

Ash suddenly turned away, and began walking back to Luke's house, leaving me stood whilst guilt overwhelmed me.

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