So this is kind of a cross fan fiction between 'The Twilight Saga,' and 'The Hunger Games Trilogy,' but with whole new characters and setting and people. It kind of isn't a mix of the two stories but it kind of is.

Poppy Mellark is enchanted by Adrian Hale [a vampire]. He seems to have some sort of weird "instinct" over her and soon enough they are a unbelievable couple. A few years later they decide to get married......


3. Poppy Mellark


I was awoken by a bang from the kitchen. I sighed, threw on a my dressing gown and ran down stairs. "Mum, please don't tell me that you're cooking again!" I yelled and hurried into the kitchen. My younger sister, Lily, was half asleep with a bowl of cereal in her hand. Smoke was everywhere, coming from the pan that my mother was making eggs from. I chucked the pan under the running water from the sink, I grabbed a tea towel and started swaying in front of the smoke detector, to stop it from beeping. 


"Sorry, I was just trying to make breakfast for my two girls first days of school." She smiled at me and I hugged her. I tapped Lily on the shoulder. "I think you might have a little bit of drool on your chin, Lils." I said and waited for her reaction. She jumped and almost split her cereal. I ran upstairs and into the bathroom. My father, Baylor Mellark usually went to work early in the morning and he didn't get home until around 11pm at night. I had two uncles that lived two minutes away from the school that Lily and I attend. 

After getting dressed into plain black stockings, with a navy blue skirt over the top of them, a white long sleeve shirt and a grey knitted jumper. I started to do my makeup. My skin was in between olive and a pale sort of colour. I had dark blue eyes that were often described as being mysterious and dangerous, though I usually steered past the dangerous side of life. 

"Lily! Are you ready?!" I yelled downstairs because I had a feeling she was still asleep. 

"Yeah! I'm doing my makeup!" Lily shouted. Her room was the only room that was downstairs, leading off the lounge room. I was across the hall from my parents room. Lily and I used to share this room when we were little, she was afraid of that room, being alone downstairs. I decorated my room with a vintage style bed and wardrobe. For my thirteenth birthday, Dad and I painted my room a dark lilac colour, I thought it was a calming colour and when I get stressed out I stare at the familiar walls of my small room. My room was only big enough for a desk, where I do my school work, a queen-sized bed with four posters, and a wardrobe. It had two windows, one had a window seat, which of on the far side of my room and the other looked out across the forest surrounding my house. 

"Lily! We have to go!" I yell. "Bye Mum, see you after school." I say before running out into the rain and into my car. It was an old car, my mothers old car from 1989, we had a mechanic fix the engine so I could drive it safely. I quickly put my socks and Doc Martins on my feet before Lily hopped into the car, wearing red tight, and a blue knitted sweater.  

"You know, Poppy, you can be so impatient sometimes!" Lily complained and I just rolled my eyes. We drove to school with the radio blearing and the windows down even though we had the heater on. We were just in time for our first class to start. Lily was in to years below me. 



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